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Improving the Patient Experience through Accessibility, Efficiency and Care: Q&A with Corey Hoehn

July 26, 2022 | By 20/20 Onsite
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Efficient and accessible care is essential to the patient experience. Unfortunately, patients report that care is difficult to receive, and the process is often burdensome. Find out how Corey Hoehn, Vice President of Client Success, came to the 20/20 Onsite after he was inspired by a simple lunchbreak optometry appointment. 

Tell us about your background in healthcare.

I’ve been in the healthcare industry for about 15 years, and I’ve worked in a variety of settings. I really found my footing in healthcare technology within the startup environment. What really motivates me is the idea of delivering services that make things easier for patients and clinical teams.

Most recently, before joining the 20/20 Onsite team, I worked at a company called Project Beacon. This company was founded early in the pandemic with the goal to provide affordable and accessible testing for COVID-19 in Massachusetts. We had the opportunity to partner with the Commonwealth to provide no-cost testing through outdoor testing services and one indoor testing facility. 

We also created new testing services in a variety of settings, including for about 150 K-12 schools, employers, congregate care, and individual towns. In the spring of 2021, we performed around 200,000 tests for schools in Massachusetts. Over the course of two years, we performed around 2.5 million tests.

We were a very small but scrappy team, much like our team at 20/20 Onsite. No one is afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Whether something is within your job description or not – if it’s something that will benefit the organization – everyone is happy to get to work.

What inspired you to join the 20/20 Onsite team?

I came to 20/20 Onsite as a patient first. In 2019, I had a great experience, and I realized it felt like a great combination of what my last few roles have been: providing services at the point of care to patients in a way that makes it more accessible and efficient as well as helping to scale those so even more people can use them. 

When I was speaking with new companies, my initial conversation with 20/20 Onsite stood out. As a father with two small children at home, work/life balance is very important to me. It’s really important to me to work with people I admire. The camaraderie and passion within the organization were tangible. Everyone was excited about the work they were doing, and they were all working towards the same goal. When you’re happy with your team, it makes the job much more fun and even more productive.

I was also intrigued by the mission. Many people delay important preventative care. Whether our Mobile Vision Clinic travels to their job or their neighborhood, patients have a much easier time accessing essential care through 20/20 Onsite, and it’s done in an efficient, timely, and friendly manner. Appointments are on time and prompt. If you want to get glasses or contacts, you can do it right there, and they’ll be on your doorstep in a week. This care is essential to preventing long-term health issues and maintaining employee safety.

Finally, I was deeply inspired by the pivot that 20/20 Onsite made to life sciences two years ago. I come from clinical research with an understanding of the recruitment challenges, and there is a critical need for accessible and patient-centered life sciences organizations. They observed a major need to improve access to clinical trials, and they took a chance during the pandemic. That showed me they’re a confident team, and that decision is proving successful for the organization as well as the patients.

What are your roles and responsibilities as VP of Client Success?

My primary goal is to continue the 20/20 Onsite tradition of delivering an incredible patient experience. When we provide excellent customer service, patients want to continue coming back for preventative eye care. Through that, we’re able to retain and continue growing our patient base. If we can deliver a great patient experience, we’ll be able to pursue other opportunities.

The client success team also sits at the intersection between the client and the internal teams. We’re committed to delivering the best care and ensuring the diverse needs of our patients are met. We also have a wide customer base. Employers in our portfolio include small companies to very large multi-site and even multinational companies in all industries including manufacturing, technology, pharma, and biopharma. Each comes to us with unique needs. Most importantly, we’re making sure our clients are happy.

What are your goals for 20/20 Onsite?

I have always been focused on introducing efficiencies and finding ways to improve care and the patient experience. In the short term, I hope to gain a greater understanding of how our clients are using our services and identify how we can continue improving and growing our services to meet patient needs.

In the long term, I aim to expand our footprint beyond the New England area to provide care in even more locations like the Southeast or the Midwest. If we can achieve that goal, then it means we can deliver care to more people in places where it’s needed. I myself waited nine months for an optometry appointment that didn’t really suit my needs. Many people are in the same position, so I understand how important it is to improve access to eye care.

How has your experience as a patient impacted your role at 20/20 Onsite?

I had an incredible experience getting my eyes checked at a 20/20 Onsite Mobile Vision Clinic. On a lunch break, I placed my order, walked over to the unit, had my eyes checked, and got a prescription. Then, I walked back to pick up my sandwich. I was back at the office in 20 minutes.

People are busy. If you say an appointment is going to start at 9:30, then it should start at 9:30. When patients visit the Mobile Vision Clinic, they’ll be done in 15 minutes, and that’s really important when you have a busy schedule. Our client retention rates reflect how important dependability is to patients. Client retention is incredibly high because the eye care team delivers great care in an efficient manner.


Do you have any favorite brands of glasses or sunglasses?

Although I should be wearing regular glasses or contacts, I mostly wear sunglasses. I typically stick with Ray-Bans or Smith or Maui Jims. Because I go to the beach a lot, I need something that’s easily replaceable just in case my kids bury them in the sand.

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