How it all began:

It all started in 2014 when our founder, Howard Bornstein, failed to recognize a colleague who greeted him from down the hall. Howard knew he was long overdue for an eye exam, but like most of us, hadn't found time to fit it into his busy schedule. As he struggled to find a high quality eye exam close to his work that was covered by insurance, he realized that this is an aspect of our healthcare system that is broken. Why should the inconvenience of finding a good eye doctor and the inability to miss hours of work prevent anyone from having healthy vision? How many other people are sitting at work with bad vision and not doing anything about it? And so the idea of 2020 On-site was born.


2020 On-site launched its first mobile vision center in Boston in August of 2014 with the goal of not only offering customers unrivaled convenience but also giving them great value. Since then, 2020 On-site has grown to serve not just the Boston area, but Atlanta and Chicago as well, with plans to rapidly expand across the rest of the country. With over 450 companies using our service, we've realized there is a better way to deliver healthcare services, and no one should have to compromise their vision because of inconvenience and lack of time.