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Supporting Your Late Phase Commitments 

20/20 Onsite partners with sponsors and
providers for post-market safety surveillance


Struggling With
Reluctant Patients?

Take care of new patients by making baseline vision assessments more convenient.


Need Support With
Ongoing Treatment?

Make sure patients who are at risk for vision-related side effects stay on schedule for their follow-up appointments.


Trying to Create a
Supportive Environment?

Ensure that the patient experience is a holistic one by providing additional assistance, specific health care personnel to conduct these visits, and appropriate accessibility.

Observational Study: Eye Exams in Mobile Settings Have
the Same Results as In-Office Exams

How Patients Can Receive Exams

  • Make trial exams more convenient by providing an opportunity for patients to receive 1:1 exams at their homes
  • Decrease the amount of time a group of patients spends on travel by choosing locations that can serve several at one time
  • Expand site capacity or provide exams where a group of patients are already receiving care

Become a Leader in Patient Experience

Depending on your study's needs, 20/20 Onsite can provide certified optometrists, eye care specialists, and customer service professionals to manage data collection and patient interaction.

Patients love us: We have a 98% Net Promoter Score. And when your trial is easy and more enjoyable, you increase engagement and retention.

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