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Is your company required to meet specific visual acuity and ocular safety regulations in order to remain compliant?

20/20 Onsite routinely works with clients for workplace safety and regulatory compliance testing. 

We make it easy for your employees to order prescription and non-prescription safety wear right at work! Your employees can order safety glasses from us at any time, whether or not they’ve have had an eye exam with us. Employees need to simply provide their prescription and pick out their preferred pair of glasses.

Our team can help your company remain compliant with vision requirements put forth by regulatory agencies, including (but not limited to): 

  • National Aerospace Standards (NAS) - vision examinations and protective eyewear requirements
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - vision examinations, near distance vision tests, and color vision tests
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - eye and face protection requirements, personal protective equipment (PPE), and vision examinations 
Below are some of the vision tests we routinely perform for a variety of our clients:
  • Ishihara Color Vision Test
  • Stereopsis Fly Test
  • Finger Counting Visual Field Test
  • Jaeger Near Vision Test
  • Snellen Chart Test
  • Other tests for ocular alignment and ocular muscle function
>> An estimated 2,000 Americans sustain job-related injuries each day. 90% of those injuries could have been avoided with the proper eye safety protocols and eyewear. 
We help hundreds of companies remain compliant and prioritize employee eye safety.  
  • Aviation - specialized vision testing 
  • Biopharma - safety eyewear and lab safety regulations 
  • Food manufacturing - color vision testing and safety eyewear
  • Automobile manufacturing - safety eyewear and specialized vision testing

Download Our Worksite Safety Info-Sheet