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20/20 Onsite Mobile Vision Clinic 20/20 Onsite Mobile Vision Pod 20/20 Onsite Mobile Clinical Suite

Whether it is for clinical trials or employee wellness programs, 20/20 Onsite's customizable solutions reduce participant friction, accelerate trial and enrollment timelines, and enhance data quality by bringing expert eye care directly to the point of need.

Case Studies

Streamlining Phase 1 Trials with the Mobile Vision Pod

Advancing Rare Disease Clinical Trials with Eye Assessments

Enhancing Phase 1 Clinical Trials with Safety Assessments

Expanding Access to Post-Market Safety Exams with Point-of-Need Care

"Quick, efficient and accessible. This service has made eye check-ups a very no hassle process."

Rucha, Patient

"We were interested in trying 20/20 Onsite because we thought it was an innovative and turnkey way to make an impact on our employees’ health, and a perk for our hardworking employees who often don’t want to make the time for offsite appointments.”

Kate Gulliver, Global Head of Talent, Wayfair

"It was run by well trained people, fast, efficient , a very informative and smart doctor;
and it was on site at work!"

Gregory, Patient

“The feedback we get from associates is that it’s easy to sign up, seamless once they get on the [Mobile Vision Clinic], clean and sanitary, and they’re in and out.
It’s a comprehensive array of services."

Jennifer Vitagliano, Nurse Practitioner and Clinic Manager, Onsite Health Clinic at Novartis - Medcor

“We are committed to creating a culture that provides excellent health and wellness opportunities for our employees – and our employees were legitimately excited for the (Mobile Vision Clinic). We received many positive comments on the convenience of eye exams at work and the quality of the experience."

Monya Fiore, Senior Director Human Resources, Procter & Gamble

"The level of care that 20/20 Onsite provides to patients is outstanding in every way. The staff is professional, kind, and compassionate, and they are well-trained to handle any challenge that comes their way. I believe that mobile care is the cutting-edge of optometry, and I am honored to be a part of it."

Dr. Keswani, OD

"We recognize the incredible commitment patients make when they enroll in our trials and our goal is to match that commitment and support them in any way possible. By using a creative patient-focused approach to testing via 20/20 Onsite’s mobile vision testing program, we ‘take the test to the patient’ to support their needs during this extremely difficult time."

Sue Washer, CEO, AGTC

"While working with 20/20 Onsite for previous and current studies, we have been able to provide ophthalmological services that were previously not feasible for our clinical units. Doing so has been very successful in providing safety and ophthalmological oversight of study participants – as required by good clinical practices and the sponsor protocol."

Company X Principal Investigator

“The doc was great with [son]’s needs. He’s on the spectrum and she made him feel comfortable and at ease on something that would normally be difficult for him to allow.”

Family from Rady Children's Hospital

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