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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Selcer, Partnerships and Client Success

July 7, 2021 | By 20/20 Onsite
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Sarah Selcer joined 2020 On-site a few months before a global pandemic was declared. She shares how as part of a driven startup, she was able to use the time to grow her skills and her role, including developing an internship program. 

How did the opportunity come to you, and what inspired you to join?

When I was interviewing at bigger, more corporate companies, the roles available had limited growth opportunities, and I truly wanted a place where I could define my career path. I was also looking for a position with a purpose, to channel my natural abilities, to talk to people and build relationships. I didn't know much about client success when I first joined, but I knew it was predominantly about making connections and earning trust. The more people I spoke with here, the more connected I felt to the team spirit and the purpose.

Right now, I have a hybrid senior client success-business development role. It wasn't a direction I had previously considered, but when there was a need in the company to get on the phone and convince people our services were essential and safe, I was happy to step up.

I think that says a lot, not just about me but about the culture we have here. Everyone who works here has a role and a set of accountabilities, but we are all ready and willing to go above and beyond, fill a gap if there is one, support a team member, and do whatever it takes to make 2020 On-site a successful business. 

What was the initial pandemic experience like for you, and how did 2020 On-site keep their team together? 

As a group, we are very friendly and social; working together in person was genuinely fun. During the start and peak of the Covid pandemic, we wanted to stay connected and bring people together. We had a game hour every Thursday, where a different person would find a game for us to play online together. We held meetings on Monday mornings as an opportunity to "see" each other and share the "non-events" of your weekend at home. In addition to our formal company updates once a month, we encouraged each other to do a "walk & talk," going on a walk individually to get moving and get some fresh air but doing so with someone on the phone chatting with you. 

My role changed dramatically when we had to shut down our mobile vision clinics. I had been here four months, and suddenly it was my manager, a co-worker and myself left on the Client Success team. We automated our systems, which was a learning experience for me, gaining exposure to automation software, coding, entering data into our CRM, and preparing the business for when we could ramp up again. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to create a lean, streamlined process for the team.

When the pandemic hit, a lot of companies struggled; however, 2020 On-site pivoted and is now on a positive growth trajectory. What growth opportunities have you had as a result of being a startup?

As part of our post-Covid transition, I became a one-person sales team, responsible for 100% of our sales for 4-5 months until we brought on a Director of Sales. I was trained by an outside Sales Consultant so that I would have the confidence and skills to be successful. That's how 2020 On-site works: they ensure you are set up for success. 

As a startup, there is always a need for something to be built, documented, or optimized, and at 2020 On-site, you are given the autonomy to shift your work and create your own opportunities that excite you. A great example of that was the internship program I am now spearheading. This was a direct result of the workload I was carrying after the first wave of the pandemic. I needed assistance, put together a business proposal, and had it approved. It's given me the chance to focus more on sales; gain management experience; design, develop, and execute a program in the company that creates efficiencies; and increase our exposure to potential new hires who may not otherwise consider joining us. 

What might be compelling about 2020 On-site as a workplace for someone looking for their next opportunity? 

Being able to contribute to a purpose, where you can see the results, is meaningful. We bring eye clinics to people, increasing accessibility to eye health. Before I started, I hadn't had an eye exam in seven years, and they immediately set me up for a free one. The stories of people who have poor vision or health issues diagnosed by seeing us are incredible. One of the best parts of what we do is ensuring underprivileged kids have access to free eye care and glasses that come directly to them at school. It's overwhelming the kids who have such poor sight and are struggling to learn and engage at the middle-grade level because they literally couldn't see.

The best part about our company is the flat structure and access to anyone. If you want to have a conversation with anyone here, all you need to do is ask. From knowledge sharing to problem-solving to career advice, they will make the time for you. When the interns start, I ask them to let me know what three people or roles they would like to connect with; and then I schedule 30-minute chats for them. And that includes meeting with our CEO. I can't imagine how rare that is in other companies. But 2020 On-site isn't like other companies. From what we do, how we do it, and how we will grow, we're the company you will be excited to work for every day.

If you’d like to join our growing team and work with team members like Sarah, we’re currently recruiting for a number of roles including a Business Development Representative, an Associate Store Manager and a Store Manager. Visit our Jobbio page to learn more about our team and see how you can get involved at 2020 On-site. 

View more opportunities here: Work at 2020 On-site


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