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Employee Spotlight: Jess Mays, Senior Director of Life Sciences

May 24, 2021 | By 20/20 Onsite
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Jess Mays, Senior Director of Life Sciences at 2020 On-site, shares how the organization has responded to the pandemic and how her team has come together to improve access to vision care. 

What inspired you to join 2020 On-site?Headshot - Jess

I worked at another startup in the Boston area and learned that 2020 On-site was hiring through one of my co-workers. I discovered a diverse and scaling organization and saw the opportunity to help expand the business, grow a client success team, help with operational and process functions and streamline the way we serve clients. When I met Alexis (our CEO), it sealed the deal for me: she is such a strong, powerful, and focused leader, and she helped me see how my work will help people access healthcare more easily. 

After the pandemic hit, 2020 On-site ended up pivoting to taking mobile vision clinics and clinical trials on the road nationally. What was that experience like for you, and how did it change the focus of your team?  

Initially, it was hard. We had to scale back operations abruptly, and our focus became observing the current situation and understanding what needed to happen next. My team really bonded during the early days of the pandemic. We all were confident that we would reopen, and we doubled down on some of our projects. We spent the summer of 2020 automating and streamlining processes and preparing for workplaces to re-open. It kept us optimistic and driven. 

Then, during the pandemic lockdown and with travel restrictions in place, we saw the opportunity to reach clinical trial participants in safe non-congregate settings with our uniquely equipped and customizable Mobile Vision Clinics. 

It opened the door for me to move into my current role leading the Life Sciences team, and we looked within and saw how we could divide up the work instead of hiring new people. Recognizing that clinical trials can be a career path for people without a background in clinical science, I brought some members of the routine optometry care team over. If someone has an applicable skill set, I want to show them it’s possible to break into the industry.  

When you’re a part of 2020 On-site, you’re part of a team that’s working to transform and change an industry. What specific impact does your team have today? 

Clinical trials typically are cordoned off. As a result, most people don’t know they can participate in them or know when they are happening. We are changing that. We’ve brought our technology and specialists on the road and are moving the dial on clinical trial participants, decentralizing access, and increasing patient focus. The process eliminates roadblocks to critical mid-trial and final assessments, increases participation, collects data, and helps bring new drugs and treatments to the market faster. 

What impact do you want your team to make over the next 2-3 years? 

I want us to be a part of any trial that requires an ocular assessment. My vision is that when people discuss the design of their clinical trial protocol, the 2020 On-site name always comes up. When people ask themselves how to make life easier for their patients, I want us to be the first thing they consider. Now that would show the impact our business is having on our industry! 

What are three keys to thriving as an employee at 2020 On-site?

You need to believe in our mission. First, you need to wake up in the morning excited about taking care of patients, even if you don’t see them or take care of them first-hand. Second, you need to understand who we are working for and why it matters. Third, you need to have gumption and an entrepreneurial spirit - we are doing hard work that requires time and effort. I like to imagine it as if we were all in a boat together: people need to row. Some days you are holding one oar; on other days, you have three. We are all rowing in the same direction, but some days will be harder than others. Finally, you need to be willing to take on a lot. It might not be what you thought you’d be doing, but you are excited for the chance to take on something new. We don’t always have someone for the job that needs to be done, but our team is always ready to jump in and take a stab at something different to keep the momentum. Whether it’s writing a blog or doing research - whatever it takes to get the work across the finish line, we do it. 

If you’d like to join our growing team and work with leaders like Jess, we’re currently recruiting for several roles, including a Digital Marketing Manager and an Inside Sales Specialist. Visit our Jobbio page to learn more about our team and see how you can get involved at 2020 On-site. 


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