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Leadership Team
Sonali Bloom

Chief Executive Officer

David Gibson

Chief Clinical Officer, Doctor of Optometry

Ivan Quiroz

VP, Clinic Operations, Licensed Dispensing Optician

Jessica Mays

VP, Life Sciences

Corey Hoehn

VP, Client Operations

Katherine Harkins, OD

Doctor of Optometry, Lead

Meritza R. Kluge, OD

Doctor of Optometry

Alina Reznik, OD

Doctor of Optometry

Michelle J. Sandler, OD

Doctor of Optometry

Hannah Tennant, OD

Doctor of Optometry

Mike Addario

Clinic Manager, Life Sciences

Elizabeth Alicakos

Senior Operations & Logistics Manager, Licensed Dispensing Optician

Nabil Aslani

Clinic Manager, Life Sciences

Hajar Belkadi

Assistant Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Nalby Junior Blot

Assistant Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Mary Cain

Senior Marketing Manager

Lindsay Derucher

Project Manager

Nicholas Feltham

Life Sciences Partnership Manager

Katelyn Heintz

Customer Experience & Logistics Manager

Luis Hernandez

Clinic Manager, Life Sciences

Jennifer Jensen

Associate Account Executive

Brian Keohan

Inventory Manager

Peter Leotsakos

Assistant Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Michael McCarron

Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Amanda Mcdonough

Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Adam Merola

Sr. Manager, Clinical Program Operations

Stephanie Noce

Executive Assistant

Lauren Orsillo

Account Executive

Naomi Ruben

Client Success Associate

Albi Santiago

Regional Manager, ECT and Fleet

Sarah Selcer

Senior Business Development Manager - Team Lead

Jeannette Sepulveda

Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Barri Smith

Assistant Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Michele Smith

Revenue Cycle Manager

Alex Stayer

Sr. Operations & Planning Manager

Pamela Tomic

Clinical Trial Manager

Mariah Williams

Senior Client Success Associate

Jonathan Vasnarungruengkul

Lead Clinic Manager, Primary Care

Avanti Wolcott

Clinic Manager, Life Sciences

Board of Directors
Sonali Bloom


Howard Bornstein


RoAnn Costin

Dylan Hardy

Stephanie Monaghan O'Brien

Anthony Morris



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