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The Clear Road to Vision Care

June 14, 2017 | By Cara Jennings
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Caught taking the long road again? 2020 On-site waits in traffic for your employees, so they can spend more time doing what they love. Employees make sure to get their annual eye exam and your company reduces longterm medical spend. It’s how eye care rolls.

It converts to a pretty simple math problem. Add up time spent at work, commuting, grocery shopping, doing laundry, making dinner, socializing, exercising, spending time with family, catching up on TV shows...the answer is few to no hours free. It is increasingly difficult for employees to find time in their schedules to fit in any kind of doctor’s appointment, much less one with the eye doctor. People recognize that, as one of the five senses, vision is important to daily life, yet it tends to be one of the more neglected basic health issues.


Together with the typical thoughts you might have regarding a traditional doctor’s visit, can lead to years of skipping out. 

  • "I can't even remember when I had my last appointment. Ugh, it'll be months before I can get in."
  • "Nervous about taking time off for the visit…really hope I don’t miss an important meeting.”
  • “I could try to get a Saturday appointment, but I hate wasting my weekends. Wait, are they even open on Saturdays?”
  • “I had better bring a book while I wait an hour at the office."
  • “I should head out early, there is always traffic getting there.”

These thoughts are unsurprising. But there is a new thought emerging – “Is there an easier way to do this that eliminates the hassle?” Mobile health clinics are a modern trend that aim to address this problem of finding time for something that should be high priority but often isn’t – your health. Mobile healthcare removes the travel barrier and significantly cuts back on the time you need to allocate, turning the time spent seeing the doc equivalent to grabbing lunch. On-site clinics add value in three major ways: improved employee health, lowered healthcare expenditures for companies, and improved productivity due to both reduced absences and presenteeism, which occurs when an employee comes to work impaired in some way and is unable to work to his or her full ability.

According to a Forbes article about The Surprising Employer Benefit Millenials Really Want, "The focus on providing health benefits to employees is not a millennial issue, it just happens to coincide with the rise in health care costs, thus making it important to millennials. Since costs have been rising for years, employers began to recognize a need to fill the gap to attract the best talent."


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The most common deterrents to getting regular exams are time, cost, and prioritizing the issue. Mobile healthcare addresses these points by making the solution accessible and easy to utilize, focused on working for instead of against populations of busy, working adults. Services provided by on-site clinics have moved beyond traditional occupational health and minor acute care services to now offer a full range of wellness and primary care services, from flu shots to dentistry. In the field of eye care, 2020 On-site offers the following benefits:

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: With the right equipment, you can get a fully comprehensive eye exam in just 15 minutes. This includes a visual acuity test, auto-refraction, pufftonometer, keratometry and more, all to check your eye health and correct your vision. We have gear like iPad check-in stations and HD retinal imaging machines, which are often missing from brick-and-mortar optometry offices.
  • Maximize your Benefits: If you are paying for health insurance, your employees should be getting the most out of their benefits to be proactive about their health. Mobile healthcare ensures that you get the bang for your buck while taking care of your basic preventative needs.
  • Engagement: The doctor comes to you. You can walk right out of your building and onto the vehicle to have an eye exam and browse glasses. Can you see the excuses disappearing?

The thought of squeezing a doc appointment into your already-jammed schedule can feel daunting. Because of this, routine preventative health examinations often goes straight to the bottom of the priority list - one day we’ll have more time, right?

In the case of 2020 On-site, you can make an appointment online in advance based on availability in your calendar. There is no need to miss that important meeting or phone call. Don't worry about forgetting - we’ll send you text reminders. You can fill out your medical forms beforehand and at the time of your appointment, simply step outside of your office and come on board our Mobile Vision Center (MVC). Even better, there's no wait! We’ll check you in and start your workup right away. Our exams are thorough but efficient, and you can be back at your desk in the time it takes for a coffee run. Once you're done, the digital prescription and glasses are delivered straight to you.

After experiencing 2020, our patients' thoughts changed to:

  • "Easy, convenient, the service was amazing and its a one stop shop for everything I need. I used to have to go to at least two or three different places to get everything I did in 30 to 40 minutes.
  • "Never had an eye exam. This made it impossible for me NOT to do.”
  • "The most personal attention I've ever received at an eye exam, plus everyone was SO nice and knowledgeable."
  • “I have three small kids and work full time so getting an eye exam is not an easy task given my schedule. Booking the appointment online was so straightforward and easy. The customer service the day of the appointment was beyond my expectations. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The exam was quick but thorough. I honestly can't think of a better experience I have had and can't stop raving about it.”
  • It was fantastically convenient. It only took 15 minutes total... Awesome. Saved me two hours of time."

If you're having a hard time picturing it, see it for yourself in this video tour of one of our MVCs!



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