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Eye-opening Tips for a Healthier 2023 from 20/20 Onsite’s Optometrists

December 14, 2022 | By 20/20 Onsite
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Year after year, many Americans take a step back during the holidays to evaluate their goals for the next year, oftentimes prioritizing better health and wellness. It comes as no surprise that the top three New Year’s resolutions that Americans set out to achieve in 2022 were all health-related, with 23% of Americans desiring healthier lives. Since healthier habits are top-of-mind this time of year, our 20/20 Onsite optometrists, Chief Clinical Officer Dr. David Gibson, Dr. Katherine Harkins, and Dr. Alina Reznik, have shared their insights on how we can make healthier choices to benefit our whole body, with an emphasis on our eyes. 

Prioritize your health in the new year by following our optometrists' eye-opening tips to cultivate a healthier 2023. “A new year means new opportunities, experiences, memories, and adventures,” Dr. Reznik says. “And every person deserves to be healthy to see all those beautiful things.”  

Focus on all aspects of your health: mental, physical, and emotional. 

Promoting and living a truly healthy lifestyle goes beyond preserving our physical well-being. Every aspect of our health can affect our physical and mental wellness. Dr. Gibson reminds us that preserving your mental and emotional health is especially important during these shorter, darker days amidst the holiday season. While each of our optometrists recommends regular exercise, this method is most beneficial when implemented with other supporting factors.

“Remember the importance of balance in all aspects of our life, including your eyes and vision.” Many individuals don’t know that some of the biggest sight-threatening conditions stem from other systemic health problems. Dr. Harkins specifies, “maintaining good control of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body weight will help protect your eyes from potential problems due to these conditions.” 

“It can be easy to take our health for granted, and sometimes we don't appreciate it until it's gone,” Dr. Harkins continues. “Be grateful every day for what our bodies can do for us, and be good to it! “ 

As you set your New Year’s resolutions, some priorities to consider when caring for your overall well-being are:

  • Staying active
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Maintaining a good sleep schedule
  • Reducing stressors
  • Getting organized
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Scheduling medical check-ups regularly

For more New Year’s health resolutions, look for some inspiration in our team’s 2022 New Year's Health Resolutions.

Don’t forget to schedule your eye exam. 

Eyes are the window to the soul. Dr. Reznik stresses the importance of protecting your eyes in the new year with some words of encouragement: “Let’s put our best forward in the new year, which means starting the year with clear and comfortable vision. Once we have clarity, we can better care for ourselves and our loved ones, and most importantly we can succeed.”

Dr. Reznik continues, “yearly eye exams are beneficial in prevention instead of intervention. Let's add vision and ocular health exams to the annual roster, along with a physical with your primary care doctor, dentist, and any other necessary age-expected testing.” Scheduling an eye exam with your local optometrist is the number one step you can take to benefit your eyes in the new year (or any year!). If you are located in the Greater Boston area, schedule an appointment with us today!

Stressed about adding another health exam to your annual check-ups? To many patients' surprise, eye exams can be a convenient, efficient, and enjoyable experience. “We value your time and have eye exams available at your place of work and in your community,” Dr. Reznik says. “We love assessing your health, helping you see more clearly, and sharing health habits in a comfortable and safe space.”

Reduce your screen time.

One of the biggest trends our optometrists have noticed in 2022 is digital eye strain. Dr. Gibson recommends “taking frequent breaks, using good lighting, and wearing the correct prescription” to avoid and combat frequent and prolonged exposure to blue light. 

Dr. Harkins affirms, “Staring at a computer screen for eight-plus hours is not fair to your eyes — of course, they’ll feel tired after a long day. Remember to switch up your routine from time to time!” 

In today’s technology-driven society, it may seem nearly impossible for some of us to avoid constant screen usage. If you spend a lot of your day staring at a screen, don’t worry: there are plenty of solutions to protect your vision. “Health can even have style!” Dr. Reznik says. “Protect your eyes from blue light with a fashionable pair of blue light blockers that you adore and feel great in. Then, you will likely want to wear them more often.” 

For information on digital eye strain, don’t miss these 3 reasons employers should be concerned about screen time

Get up and get outside.

Dr. Gibson highly encourages us to put down the screens and get outside. While screens can be highly addictive, it's essential to incorporate several off-screen activities into your daily routine.  

Dr. Harkins agrees: “This is especially important for kids, as near-sightedness is on the rise and outdoor play has been shown to slow progression, but adults can play too! From going for a hike to playing in the snow, anything outdoor physical activity will help manage those systemic conditions previously mentioned.” 

Put your health first in the new year!

Make 2023 your best year yet by prioritizing all aspects of your health, especially our vision health. Our Mobile Vision Clinics bring eye care directly to the Greater Boston area and beyond. If you’re interested in bringing 20/20 Onsite to your office or neighborhoods, schedule an appointment or contact us today.


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