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Show Your Appreciation to Employees with 20/20 Onsite

By 20/20 Onsite
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It’s that time of year again! National Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday in March. How are you prioritizing your employees this year? Gifts and parties can be effective, however, there are many other ways to show your appreciation while fostering a more productive work environment. 

In fact, showing your employees that you care is more important now than ever. 79% of people who quit their jobs cite “lack of appreciation” as their reason for leaving. So, when it comes to employee satisfaction, meeting their specific and individual needs is a very powerful technique. 

And because the success of any organization depends on the performance and commitment of its employees, it is crucial for companies to recognize the value of their workforce. Showing appreciation to employees can have a positive impact on their motivation and productivity, leading to a better work environment and increased job satisfaction.

Your employees work hard all year round, so it’s important to make them feel appreciated not just on Employee Appreciation Day, but every day. Studies show that when employees feel appreciated by their employers and peers, they are four times more likely to be actively engaged at work. 

Here’s how 20/20 Onsite services can make your employees feel appreciated this year:

Our Mobile Vision Clinic goes to where your employees are.

20/20 Onsite has revolutionized the way vision care is delivered since our start in 2014. Our state-of-the-art Mobile Vision Clinics bring eye care and eyewear directly to employees at work and home in the Greater Boston Area and beyond. We will literally go the extra mile to bring eye care to your employees, when and where they need it. 

In fact, we have delivered comprehensive and accessible vision care to over 450 companies and their employees throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Whether your team works in an office or at home, we can bring them high-quality and convenient eye care. 

Our eye exams are quick and efficient.

We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, so we deliver quick and efficient eye care to ensure we don’t disrupt your team’s workflow. In fact, we have employees back at their desks in just 20 minutes! Thanks to our Mobile Vision Clinics, we can provide comprehensive eye exams and, if needed, glasses or contact lenses right onboard. Your employees will appreciate the time saved that would’ve been spent traveling to and from a doctor’s office and sitting in a waiting room.

"I got my eyes examined, found new glasses, and still had time to grab some food. More places need to offer that type of service. I loved the convenience. It was great to just have the bus come to where I am and get all this accomplished in under 30 minutes!"

- Ebony, Boston College Employee

In the 20 minutes it takes to complete the eye exam, our highly-rated staff and cutting-edge technology provide your employees with a truly personalized experience. Employees can schedule their appointments around their work schedule, so they can return to their desks just in time for their next meeting — and will still have time to refill their coffee mugs!

Get a breakdown of each minute of our 20-minute eye exam

Our convenient services provide employees with flexibility.

In addition to enhanced productivity, offering flexibility in the workplace helps organizations retain their existing talent, boost morale, and attract new talent. Giving your employees a chance to book a 20-minute eye exam gives them the flexibility to incorporate more into their day. Whether they want to take some time to meet a friend for lunch or spend more time on a work project, nothing is more valuable to a busy employee than time. 

Our online system makes booking easy.

Booking an appointment onboard our Mobile Vision Clinic couldn’t be easier for employers and employees alike. As an employer, all you have to do is schedule the on-site visit and we take care of the rest. To make your company’s experience with us even more enjoyable, we provide you with event marketing materials to ensure that your employees take advantage of the opportunity. Through our online system, your team can easily book appointments that fit within their schedule.

“2020 Onsite was introduced to us through our healthcare plan, Harvard Pilgrim. We thought it would be a good fit because of the convenience factor. We came to [the 20/20 Onsite team] and it has worked out well! Scheduling for the entire year, semester by semester is really easy. Very flexible.”

- Suzanne Lawler, Senior Human Resources Assistant at Boston College

Employees who feel appreciated will contribute their best work. Show your employees their work is valued and appreciated by scheduling an on-site visit from 20/20 Onsite. If you’re interested, schedule a call with us today!


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