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Is a 20 Minute Eye Exam Really Comprehensive?

By 20/20 Onsite
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Do you remember the last time you ordered take-out? Maybe it was a superfood salad delivered to your office for lunch, burgers for dinner from your favorite place downtown, or a chocolate milkshake to satisfy a late-night craving. Whatever it was, it probably took about 20 minutes for you to open your food delivery app, browse local restaurants, pay for your order, and have a delicious meal delivered right to your door! 

Thanks to technological innovation, there are a lot of things that take only 20 minutes that didn’t in the past. Like shopping for groceries, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, getting a ride to the airport, and – when you book an appointment with 2020 On-site – an eye exam!

When you step onto 2020 On-site’s mobile vision clinic, you can expect to spend only about 20 minutes on board, but those 20 minutes will offer one of the most comprehensive eye exams you’ve ever received. In fact, a recent observational study we conducted found getting an eye exam in a mobile setting poses no significant difference in reliability or accuracy compared to getting one in a typical office.  

Think that sounds too good to be true? Keep reading as we take you through each minute of our comprehensive eye exam – from pre-screening and evaluation to ordering frames and contact lenses!

Minute 0-2

2020 On-site makes it easy to receive an eye exam that works with your schedule. Whether you are on your lunch break, your kids are home from school, or you have a free afternoon, we can bring eye exams to you and your family. 

Once you schedule your appointment and the day arrives where we are coming to your area, simply walk onboard when it’s your appointment time. Our store manager will welcome you and check you in, which includes reviewing your insurance coverage towards the exam, as well as any benefits you may have to purchase glasses or contacts. We will also prepare you for what to expect during your exam.

Minute 2-4

Your first stop once inside the mobile clinic is a pre-screening with our eye care specialists. Using a machine called a digital autorefractor, we evaluate your eye measurements including baseline prescriptions and curvature of the cornea. This machine is also used to perform an intraocular pressure test, the primary indicator of glaucoma. With this state-of-the-art equipment onboard, our technicians are able to complete these invaluable tests and measurements in just two minutes!

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Minute 4-5

To wrap up your pre-screening, our eye care specialists use a high-definition retinal camera to take pictures of the retina, blood vessels, nerves, and other areas of the eye without having to dilate your eyes. This means you won’t have to spend the rest of your day wearing sunglasses at your desk or depend on someone to drive you home due to compromised vision. 

It takes only 60 seconds for the camera to take a complete picture of both eyes for your doctor to review with you immediately. 

"My first-time experience with the onsite mobile was amazing. The check-in process was friendly and efficient. The pre eye exam was explained to me in detail. I was very comfortable. The eye exam itself was fantastic. Thorough. Each process was talked about and the doctor made sure I understood. Always asking me if I had questions. The exam itself was quick but not rushed. I would do it again in a heartbeat!! Friendly, efficient, convenient!” - Deborah, June 2021

Minute 5-15

Now, it’s time for the exam! Because of the innovative technology used by our team during pre-screening, our optometrists have already seen the computer images and baseline data by the time you head into the exam room. Now, instead of sitting in awkward silence as your doctor flips through your patient folder, hunting for information, the doctors are seeing critical information in real-time, providing you with a more efficient exam and evaluation than what you may have experienced in an in-office setting. 

To take your readings, our doctors use a digital auto phoropter, a tool that is only found in a small percentage of optometry offices across the country. With this automatic machine, the lenses are changed using a remote control, allowing your doctor to perform your exam from their desk. This way, they can view your pre-screening test results as you discuss what you’re seeing during the exam. 

“We take a 45-minute exam and complete it in 10 minutes,” said Ivan Quiroz, a licensed dispensing optician and the Senior Director of Service Delivery for 2020 On-site. “We explain each test as we go, providing the patient with information about what the machines are doing and what it’s used for. The patient is involved and is more informed about their exam and the care they are receiving.”

"Appointments are quick. I've been 3 times over the years and the optometrist has always been friendly, professional, and explains things well. Despite being fast, I don't feel rushed." Jamie, July 2021


Minute 15-20

When you’re finished with your exam and have your prescription in hand, spend the last few minutes of your appointment browsing the 300+ frames that we have onboard. We offer frames from top brands like Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, and Lilly Pulitzer. If you need some extra guidance, our store managers love helping you pick out the best look and fit. After you make your selection, you can order your frames and have them shipped to you in 7 to 10 business days.

Wear contacts? We offer a wide variety of brands that you can order along with your glasses. They will ship to your door in 3 to 5 business days.

"Efficient and quick. Explained everything they were doing. Also if I had needed glasses they had many different frames to choose from right on the truck." Ariana, July 2021

Before you know it, you’re back at your desk taking a sip of your (still hot!) coffee, wondering why your company meetings take twice as long as your annual eye exam. 

Still not convinced that we can do all of this in just 20 minutes? Book a 2020 On-site eye exam and see for yourself! 

Click here to check out our upcoming locations or choose a location from the menu to find a date when we'll be in your area. You can also request 2020 On-site to visit your office by completing our intake form here.


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