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February 7, 2018 | By Ivan Quiroz

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The most frequent health complaints among people who use computers in their work are vision related. That’s a compelling--and worrying--statistic for employers who want to make employee wellness a priority.

The reason for these eye complaints? Computer Vision Syndrome, aka CVS. It’s a new problem, related to how much time people spend in front of their screens. For many workers, that could be more than 7 hours per day--not counting the time spent on their screens at home. And as many as 50%-90% of your workers may have it.


2020 eye strain


Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome include eye fatigue, blurry vision, dry eyes, double vision--and they frequently lead to mistakes that are costing your company 20% or more of your bottom line.

The good news? Provide your employees with an eye exam as part of their benefits package and you’ll see (pun intended) a difference in employee health and happiness--not to mention significant savings.


Eye exam




A recent study conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry, for example, examined the relationship between the vision of computer workers and their productivity in the workplace.

The study suggests computer vision programs can add significant economic benefits to companies with large numbers of employees who use computers.

The same study found that providing vision care to all employees who use computers, even those who are not experiencing CVS symptoms, results in significant productivity gains and cost savings for employers.

Another study, conducted by the HCMS Group, found that employers offering stand-alone vision benefits saved $5.8 billion over four years.  These cost savings were due entirely to the preventative nature of eye exams. The study also found  that by carrying out regular, non-invasive eye exams, optometrists were able to identify early signs of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, that might have otherwise gone unnoticed--and untreated.

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We created 2020 On-site with the goal of not only offering customers unrivaled convenience (a 15-20 minute eye exam at the workplace) but also giving them great value and an unrivalled customer experience. Since our launch in 2014, we have brought mobile eye care services to over 300 companies and more than 30,000 employees. The result? Increased health and wellness for patients, and a boost to each client’s bottom line.


See how we can help your company. Download our in-depth information packet about CVS, The “Blind Spot” That’s Costing Your Company Time and Money (and how to fix it) now. And make 2018 the year your employees thank you for taking care of their #1 complaint.

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