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Driving Innovation: Eye Exam Technology Found on Our Mobile Vision Clinics

May 21, 2021 | By 20/20 Onsite
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The innovation that brought 2020 On-site’s mobile vision services to more than 64,000 patients across the Greater Boston area doesn’t stop once our distinctive mobile vision clinic (MVCs) rolls up to offices, residential buildings, neighborhoods, and clinical research sites. Inside, patients find unique, cutting-edge technology that makes receiving an eye exam easier — and more enjoyable — than ever. 

Digital technology, like the equipment found in 2020 On-site mobile clinics, has been a win-win for doctors and for patients. Diagnostically, our optometrists are able to see more and know more about our patients’ eye health. As a result, our patients become better informed and have a clearer and more accurate picture of what they need in terms of a prescription. It’s an experience focused on providing the best care for patients.

The state-of-the-art equipment in the MVCs elevates the patient’s experience throughout the appointment, from pre-screening to getting an eye exam to purchasing a pair of glasses. Learn more about the innovative technology you can experience onboard our mobile vision clinics. 


From the start of the appointment, patients are exposed to new technology that allows doctors to work more efficiently and with more accurate information. 

With 2020 On-site, your appointment starts with a quick but comprehensive pre-screening phase with our eye care team. Using a high-tech digital autorefractor, we’re able to evaluate eye measurements, including baseline prescriptions and curvature of the cornea as well as examine eye muscles and do an intraocular pressure test, the primary indicator of glaucoma — with just one machine! This comprehensive view quickly gives our doctors more information on patients in a fraction of the time. Our technicians complete all of the necessary measurements in 120 seconds. 

“For me, the tech onboard changes the game,” said Ivan Quiroz, a licensed dispensing optician and the Senior Director of Service Delivery for 2020 On-site. “We collect more information faster than anyone else because we use high-definition equipment.”

Another unique piece of technology onboard is our high-definition retinal camera. This camera is not often found in traditional optometrist offices and when it is, it is offered as an add-on exam option because it’s not always covered by insurance. It can cost patients who do choose the exam an additional $60 to $80.

However, all 2020 On-site patients receive this important test for free, regardless of whether it is covered by insurance. The camera allows doctors to see the retina, blood vessels, nerves, and other areas of the eye without having to dilate the patient’s eyes. In just 60 seconds, our doctors have a complete picture of both eyes and can review the results with the patient immediately.

“We take a 45-minute exam and complete it in 10 minutes,” Ivan said. “We explain each test as we go, providing the patient with information about what the machines are doing and what it’s used for. The patient is involved and is more informed about their exam and the care they are receiving.”

In the exam room

Because of the innovative technology used by our technicians in the pre-screening phase, our optometrists have already seen the computer images and baseline data by the time the patient moves from pre-screening to their eye exam. Instead of reading through a patient folder for information, the doctor is seeing critical exam information in real-time and providing the patient with a more efficient exam and evaluation. That means you no longer need to wait for your doctor to review your results and begin your exam! 

If you have received an eye exam before, you probably remember the intimidating machine with the multiple lenses that your doctor manually adjusts (pictured above). Instead of using the manual phoropter to take your readings, we use a digital auto phoropter (shown below) — a tool that only a small percentage of offices have in the country. What was once a tedious experience for patients undergoing a refraction exam is now quick and easy – and done digitally by our optometrists.

With this automatic machine, the lenses are changed using a remote control, allowing our doctors and the patient to discuss what the patient is seeing with all the pre-screening test results available to them on the computer.

“Putting all that information together finds the patient’s best-corrected acuity,” Ivan said. “With this technology, the patient has a clear understanding of the process and the results. Our patients tell us it’s the most information they’ve been given during an eye exam. It makes all the difference in the experience the patient has when they have their eyes examined.”

More than ever patients want to take control of their healthcare and to do that they need easy-to-access, accurate information from their doctors. With innovative technology at their fingertips, 2020 On-site professionals make the patient experience in our mobile vision centers comfortable, efficient, and definitive. 

Experience the 2020 On-site technology for yourself. 

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Want to learn how 2020 On-site can help deliver decentralized clinical trials with our mobile vision clinics? Visit our life sciences page or email lifesciences@2020onsite.com for more information. 


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