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How to Win at Wellness: 12 Tips for Success

April 12, 2016 | By Christine Culgin

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How to Win at Wellness: 12 Tips for Success

“Wellness” has been quite a hot topic lately, particularly in the realm of human resources. We’ve all heard of the Google’s of the world who seem to offer their employees the world and more, right there on their campus. Well, we can’t all be Google, but it turns out there are feasible things that every company can do to promote health and wellness in the workplace.

However, as a corporate health services provider, we know that rolling out an effective wellness program is no easy task. From participation to funding and everything in between, it gets tricky. So when we recently had the opportunity to sit down with Crystal McDermott, Benefits Manager at Pegasystems, we had to jump at the chance to pick her brain.

Pegasystems, a software company and one of 2020’s Boston clients, has one of the best wellness programs we have seen. In addition to being completely robust, it has really hit employee engagement on the head; last year over 50% of their 1400 US employees participated! Which begs the question: What’s their secret?

Maybe your company already has an established wellness program, or maybe you’re just starting to think about it. Either way, we think you’ll want to hear Crystal’s advice.

Click here to read our How to Win at Wellness Guide! 

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