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5 Reasons Why a Mobile Vision Clinic is the Solution for Your Benefits Package

September 23, 2022 | By 20/20 Onsite
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There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on workforce health. The shift to hybrid and remote work has influenced employers’ benefits offerings — and what employees have come to expect from their job. How can companies offer more flexible and innovative vision care to attract and retain employees? To increase job satisfaction and employee loyalty, employers need to offer more competitive employee benefits packages. Start enhancing your benefits package today by offering competitive vision care benefits. 

Here are five reasons why the 20/20 Onsite Mobile Vision Clinic is the perfect addition to your benefits package.

1. Our Mobile Vision Clinics will go to your employees, wherever they are. 

Since 2014, 20/20 Onsite has revolutionized the way vision care is delivered. Our state-of-the-art Mobile Vision Clinics bring eye care and eyewear directly to employees at work and home in the Greater Boston Area and beyond. We will literally go the extra mile to bring eye care to your employees, when and where they need it. 

In fact, we have delivered comprehensive and accessible vision care to over 450 companies and their employees throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. 

"I got my eyes examined, found new glasses, and still had time to grab some food. More places need to offer that type of service. I loved the convenience. It was great to just have the bus come to where I am and get all this accomplished in under 30 minutes!"

- Ebony, Boston College Employee

2. Eye exams aboard our Mobile Vision Clinic are efficient. 

We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, so we deliver quick and efficient eye care to ensure we don’t disrupt your team’s workflow. We will have employees back at their desks in just 20 minutes! Thanks to our Mobile Vision Clinics, we can provide comprehensive eye exams and, if needed, glasses or contact lenses right on board. 

In those 20 minutes, our highly-rated staff and cutting-edge technology provide your employees with one of the most personalized patient experiences they’ve ever received. Employees can schedule their appointments around their work schedule, so they can return to their desks before their boss even knows they’re gone. 

Find out just how comprehensive 20-minute eye exams can be. 

3. Boosting your vision care will save your company money. 

20/20 Onsite can save companies money by reducing healthcare costs and increasing productivity. Employees are spending more time on screens than ever before at work and home, and it's affecting their productivity. A 2018 study estimated that strain and nearsightedness, a condition also known as myopia, contributed to a $244 billion loss in productivity worldwide. Prolonged exposure to screens and blue light can increase your chances of developing myopia.  

A simple solution for employers to prevent loss in productivity is to promote employee eye health — annual eye exams can help improve employee productivity by reducing the risk of myopia. 20/20 Onsite is also in-network with most insurance plans and employees can even buy protective blue light-blocking glasses on board our Mobile Vision Clinics. 

4. Innovative vision care enhances your benefits plan and attracts employees.

With increasing salaries and benefits, the competition for talented workers is fierce. A study indicates that 87% of employees say that competitive vision coverage can influence their decision to apply for a new job or stay with their current employer. 

We’re one of the 10 creative perks companies are using to show employees they are valued. 98% of employees think better about their employer for bringing 20/20 Onsite to their office. 

5. Booking 20/20 Onsite is easy for employers and their employees. 

Schedule an on-site visit for your company and we manage the rest. To make your company’s experience with us even more enjoyable, we provide you with event marketing materials to ensure employees take advantage of the opportunity. Through our online system, employees can easily book appointments that fit within their work schedule. From there, we handle their insurance and let them know what to expect on board our Mobile Vision Clinic. 

“2020 Onsite was introduced to us through our healthcare plan, Harvard Pilgrim. We thought it would be a good fit because of the convenience factor. We came to [the 20/20 Onsite team] and it has worked out well! Scheduling for the entire year, semester by semester is really easy. Very flexible.”

- Suzanne Lawler, Senior Human Resources Assistant at Boston College

Enhance your benefits package with on-site vision care.

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