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What Are Your Health Resolutions for the New Year?

December 21, 2021 | By 20/20 Onsite
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Looking for some inspiration for your 2022 New Year’s resolutions? We asked our team at 2020 On-site what their resolutions are for the new year. It’s no surprise that after a year where physical and mental health have taken a front seat, that most of their resolutions are geared towards wellness. Check them out below!

Debi Sarma ODDr. Debi Sarma, OD, Clinical Science Director 

I dream to help the people around me grow to their full potential and build a culture centered around learning, growth, innovation, and happiness.

I want to keep building unique programs that address access to care by a) connecting with patient populations underserved by the traditional medical system b) investing and empowering youth to consider a career in eye care, especially in areas of need.

At 2020 On-site, we are passionate about providing underserved patient populations access to high-quality eye care. For example, there is an unmet healthcare need in our school communities due to barriers like cost and inconvenience. When students lack access to quality eye care — especially those who need vision correction — their ability to learn in the classroom suffers. We eliminate these barriers through onsite healthcare, where we drive our mobile vision centers directly to schools and neighborhoods, at no cost to the students or their families.

Some past initiatives include our “Vision for Boston” program where we worked with Boston Public Schools, the New England College of Optometry, and others to provide free vision screenings, eye exams, and eyewear to 10,000+ underprivileged children. We can’t wait to see what unique programs and initiatives our 2020 On-site team produces in 2022!

If you’re a corporate company looking to make a difference in the new year, please reach out to us! When you bring 2020 On-site to your company, we use a portion of the proceeds to fuel our philanthropy work. 


Mary Cain, HeadshotMary Cain, Senior Marketing Manager 

I want to focus on prioritizing my time so I can make the most out of each day, whether that's at work or in my free time. 

Time is something that we all wish we had more of! In fact, a great way to prioritize your time in the new year is by booking an eye exam onboard 2020 On-site’s mobile vision clinic. Our MVC can travel to schools, offices, neighborhoods, or wherever you need us! 

A recent study surveyed patients who use telehealth services and nearly one-half responded that they reduced their time by one to three hours. Over 40% said they saved more than three hours of time! Are you ready to start taking back your time in 2022? Book your appointment with 2020 On-site today.


Drharkins-Option2Dr. Katherine Harkins, OD

My resolution is to eat more vegetables. I often recommend this to my patients, and I need to practice what I preach! 

We should all take a page out of Dr. Harkins’ book! According to the CDC, an estimated 9 out of 10 Americans don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. While the lack of healthy eating has obvious impacts on weight, blood pressure, and diabetes, it can also lead to vision loss.

Nutrients like lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega 3 fatty acids are specifically protective of the macula (part of the retina). Think orange and yellow vegetables like sweet potato and squash for foods high in lutein and dark leafy greens like spinach and kale for zeaxanthin. 

Make sure to add those veggies to your shopping list in the new year — check out these 12 foods that benefit your eyes for some more inspiration. 


Alexis-4Alexis McLaughlin, CEO

I want to ensure that we fully invest in our team's development and take more time to connect in person!

If you’re looking for ways to invest in your team’s development in 2022, you could arrange team training days or attend more conferences in the new year. Not only will it give your employees an opportunity to improve their skills, but they will also have some time to connect with their team in person.

Booking 2020 On-site’s mobile vision clinic for your team is another way you can invest in their development and give them more time to connect in person. You could book a food truck during the appointment times and give employees an opportunity to hang out with their team following their eye exam, or host a health fair and give employees a chance to learn more about their health benefits.


Liz1Elizabeth Alicakos, Store Manager

My New Year’s resolution will be to reduce my carbon footprint by working towards a zero-waste kitchen and to make more environmentally conscious choices in my purchases! 

If you’re thinking about following in Elizabeth’s (carbon) footsteps by being more environmentally conscious in 2022, here are some tips. You could try walking or biking to work if you don’t live far away, start recycling and composting, or plant a garden in your backyard or get a hydroponic garden for your kitchen! Check out this list of planet-friendly resolutions for more ideas.

Booking 2020 On-site’s mobile vision clinic to come to your office building is another way to be environmentally friendly in 2022. Because your employees don’t have to drive to their eye appointments, you help decrease gas use and emissions, reducing the negative impact on our planet. 

Albi SantiagoAlbert Santiago, Sr. Manager, Clinical Operations and Fleet

My New Year's resolution is to work on my physical and mental health. I will work on my physical health by training for multiple obstacle courses and doing a half marathon in 2022. I will work on my mental health by reading personal growth and development books.

We love these ideas from Albert! Check out this list of 11 personal development books to read in 2022. And if obstacle courses or half marathons aren’t your thing, start small by attending group exercise classes a few times a week or going on morning walks or runs. Who knows? You might be running that half marathon by 2023! 

Are you interested in making 2020 On-site a part of your 2022 plan so you can start checking off your list of resolutions? Get in touch with us today!


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