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Snow's Out, Shades Out?

February 4, 2016 | By Christine Culgin

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Snow's Out, Shades Out?

They say that “the Eyes are the windows to your soul.” ‘They’ refers to Shakespeare, Leonardo DaVinci and Cicero, some of the most esteemed thinkers throughout history. 

These prolific individuals may have been right. However, thereis still great value to masking your gaze. With sunglasses.

With this magical invention, you are able to reflect. You have the power to observe the world without the world observing you.

Snow's Out, Shades Out?

A more modern philosopher of our time, singer Corey Hart, once said, “I wear my sunglasses at night/ so that I can keep track of the visions in my eyes,” a sentiment that reflects modern attitudes towards eyewear. In this day and age, we see many people around us wearing sunglasses, for reasons ranging from wanting to sleep in class to wanting to look just like X-Men’s Cyclops.

It is considered cool, or “swaggy” – as the kids say these days – when you roll up to a club with flashy rims, theatrical hydraulics and poppin’ music. But the picture isn’t complete without 

a sick pair of reflective shades. After all, don’t we all love a little mystery?

Snow's Out, Shades Out?

There are a million uses for sunglasses. During the day, they block out the sun with UV protection and add a little accent to your outfit. At at night, they allow you to observe the people around you without being noticed, and protect your eyes from the club’s strobe lights (unless you’re pulling off some Kanye shutter shades which are figurative strobe lights of their own). No matter the time of day, though, they offer you something to hide behind.


More importantly, with the winter season at full throttle, sunglasses protect your precious eyes from the glare of the sun that reflects off the snow. And while it may not always feel like it, we do somtetimes get sunny days in winter. So a good pair of comfortable sunnies that have UV protection is the ultimate necessity this winter/spring season.

Snow's Out, Shades Out?

So how do you strike the right balance between flashy, but not tacky? Chic,  yet utiliarian? All with a touch of mystery? What if you aren’t fancy (or courageous) enough for Bootsy Collins’ star-studded glasses, yet think the free sunglasses you got at that conference or music festival just won't cut it? That’s where Mad Men’s Don Draper look comes in. 

These shades are sleek and versatile while also offering polarized protection for your eyes. With their gold-plated top bar and bridge, this type of aviator rendition is the ultimate classic addition to your sunglasses collection.

Snow's Out, Shades Out?

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