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6 Myths About Getting an Eye Exam on a Mobile Vision Clinic

August 26, 2022 | By 20/20 Onsite
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Did you know that out of the 93 million US adults at risk for vision loss, only half have visited the eye doctor in the last 12 months? Getting an eye exam is just as important as getting your teeth cleaned or receiving your annual physical. 

There are many misconceptions about getting an eye exam, which may make you feel scared to even go to the optometrist's office. We are here to bust these myths wide open by showing you that eye exams can be efficient, accessible, and enjoyable with our Mobile Vision Clinics. 

Myth #1: You should only schedule an eye exam when you are having vision problems. 

FACT: While you should always go to the doctor when you are having trouble with your eyes, you should still get your eyes examined regularly. Eye exams can help detect and prevent eye diseases and other health problems including high blood pressure, diabetes, brain tumors, and more. 

You may not wear glasses, and you might even have perfect 20/20 vision, but you are still susceptible to other health issues. Click here to learn more about the potential health issues detected during an eye exam.

If you’re between the ages of 20 and 65, we recommend getting an eye exam every one to two years. However, you should get an eye exam more frequently if you have vision troubles, a family history of eye disease or diabetes, high blood pressure, or are over 65. 

See where we’re rolling to next and book your appointment with us. 

Myth #2: Eye exams onboard a mobile clinic aren’t comprehensive. 

FACT: Not only is this not true, but 20/20 Onsite will also offer you one of the most comprehensive eye exams you have ever received in just 20 minutes! 

Yes, you read that right — only 20 minutes. 20/20 Onsite will bring eyecare and eyewear directly to your home or office and you’re back to work before your boss even realizes you’re gone. 

And because our Mobile Vision Clinics are equipped with the latest technology, our doctors can work more efficiently and gather more accurate information about your vision in less time. From the minute you step onboard, our staff makes you feel comfortable while walking you through each part of the exam, from pre-screening to high-definition imaging. 

Learn what to expect with a minute-by-minute exam breakdown here.  

Myth #3: We only offer eye exams for patients who wear glasses.  

FACT: Whether you wear glasses or contacts, or have perfect vision, 20/20 Onsite’s comprehensive eye exams are tailored to fit every patient’s needs. After our optometrist determines your prescription, you can have fun shopping our assortment of over 400 frames and lenses right onboard our clinic. 

In the market for something on the job? We also offer eyewear made to protect your eyes including blue light lenses and safety glasses. Get in touch with us now to bring our Mobile Vision Clinic directly to your worksite. 

Myth #4: Getting an eye exam is boring or scary.

FACT: Our 97% client retention rate speaks for itself. From our all-star staff to our unique Mobile Vision Clinics, your experience onboard will be nothing short of extraordinary. Plus, we provide an enjoyable experience for patients of all ages, working with children as young as eight. 

Don’t believe us? See what some of our satisfied patients have to say: 

  • "My first-time experience with the onsite mobile was amazing. The check-in process was friendly and efficient. The pre-eye exam was explained to me in detail. I was very comfortable. The eye exam itself was fantastic. Thorough. Each process was talked about and the doctor made sure I understood. Always asking me if I had questions. The exam itself was quick but not rushed. I would do it again in a heartbeat!! Friendly, efficient, convenient!” - Deborah
  • “Very professional, very fast, entire process took 20 min start to finish. Great team, all working together well. Thank you!” -Joseph
  • “ I have never had an eye doctor communicate so thoroughly with me about what they are doing and why, what they're looking for in scans, surgery options. And then the whole staff not only helped me choose a frame, they priced out my top 2 frames to see if I could buy both! They were so nice. Beginning to end - 10/10 and I just recommended you to my whole department.” -Thea
  • “The space was clean and welcoming! Everyone was super nice and informative. I've been putting off my eye exam for some time but 20/20 Onsite made it so easy and almost effortless.” -Armani

Myth #5: You have to get your eyes dilated during every eye exam. 

FACT: If you don’t have the time, or your day cannot accommodate the side effects of the drops, you may ask your optometrist to skip the eye dilation. However, it’s important to get your eyes dilated as frequently as your eye doctor recommends. 

Eye dilation is an important part of the eye exam because it allows your optometrist to examine your peripheral retina, a part of the eye that can’t always be observed without dilation. Getting your eyes dilated regularly can help detect eye diseases early on and should be done periodically. Your optometrist may also recommend eye dilation if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms or vision problems, or if you have certain systemic conditions, like diabetes. 

Myth #6: Exam technology onboard our Mobile Vision Clinic isn’t as good as the equipment in a brick-and-mortar office. 

FACT: According to a recent observational study, getting an eye exam in a mobile setting poses no significant difference in reliability or accuracy compared to getting one in a typical office. That’s because our Mobile Vision Clinics are equipped with cutting-edge technology that makes it easier for our doctors to collect data about your vision while making your appointment more enjoyable. 

Onboard you will find equipment including a high-tech digital autorefractor and a digital auto phoropter, and our high-definition retinal camera — a camera that’s not often found in optometrist offices! 

Learn more about the technology onboard our state-of-the-art Mobile Vision Clinics. 

See the truth about eye exams for yourself. 

Ready to schedule your next eye appointment with 20/20 Onsite? Our Mobile Vision Clinics visit neighborhoods and offices throughout the Greater Boston area and beyond. Schedule an appointment now or contact us today to bring eye exams directly to your employees. 



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