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4 Abnormal Eye Colors to Watch Out For

September 24, 2015 | By Christine Culgin

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4 Abnormal Eye Colors to Watch Out For

We're not talking about whether you're a blonde-eyed beauty or a brown-eyed girl. We're here to warn you about certain colors that probably shouldn't appear in your eyes (excluding the iris, which gives the eye its natural color).

  1. Red: If you have ever seen someone with a bright red eye, they likely experienced a subconjunctival hemorrhage, which is like a bruise to the eye.  

  2. Pink: When we suffer from allergies or other problems, we get a mild dilation of our blood vessels, resulting in a pink hue.  

  3. Black/Blue: After serious orbital trauma, we get a black/blue/purplish hue around our eyes. This bruising will heal on its own but requires an immediate eye examination.  

  4. Yellow: Eyes suffering from jaundice (a condition where there is too much of a compound in your blood stream due to the liver not working well) will turn yellow. Eyes with severe cataracts will also have a yellow “stain” in the pupil.

Anytime we experience unusual eye colors or acute changes in our eyes, we should see our eye doctor immediately. Did you know that these eye color changes can also be associated with painless scarring which can cause eye pressure to elevate rapidly, with no symptoms? Most of the population does not, which is why we encourage all patients to get an eye exam when new changes occur.





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