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False Truths About False Eyelashes

October 15, 2015 | By Christine Culgin
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False Truths About False Eyelashes

Halloween is just around the corner! Perhaps you're considering wearing fake eyelashes to perfect your costume. But first, make sure to read the following tips on how to handle them properly. 

Although the trend for fake eyelashes allows for beautiful, longer, thicker lashes, misuse of false lashes can have significant consequences for your eyes. False eyelashes can lead to allergic reaction, eye infections, and eye injury. False eyelashes bought at a pharmacy or beauty store must adhere to safety and labeling requirements of cosmetics. Be sure that your products are labeled correctly and are FDA approved.  Reading all the directions on application and removal are crucial in avoiding eye irritation and injury. Borrowing false eyelashes or reusing an old pair can also lead to corneal ulcers or conjunctivitis. So, never share! Severe corneal infections can even cause permanent visual changes or blindness.

Eyelash extensions have become another big trend at many beauty salons and spas.  These lashes are individually glued to the base of each eyelash giving the appearance of fuller, darker lashes.  As you can imagine, the adhesive can be very harsh and cause an allergic reaction. Furthermore, technicians are not necessarily trained on proper techniques.  Unqualified techs might apply lashes to the eyelid instead of lash, apply several extensions to one natural lash, or use a permanent adhesive.  All of these mishaps can cause irritation, loss of lashes, or serious injury. If you choose to get eyelash extensions be sure you choose a reputable salon, and see an eye doctor right away if any issues arise.




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