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BREAKING: Playing Video Games Can Actually Help Your Eyes

September 9, 2015 | By Christine Culgin

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Playing Video Games Can Actually Help Your Eyes

There are tons of myths around video games being bad for your eyes that are actually super believable. However, we’re busting those myths. Here’s why:

  1. Improved Sensorimotor Skills: Recent studies have shown that surgeons who play video games for more than 3 hours a week are more effective in performing surgery that requires interacting with an electronic interface. Video games require quick muscle movements - to defeat a bad guy or jump across a floating mushroom (for example) - and your sensorimotor skills rely on aligning what you see with your eyes with your muscle movements, making the hours spent playing the games actually worth it...or at least partially. 

  2. Amblyopia (AKA “Lazy Eye”): Doctors have found that playing video games such as Tetris are a fun alternative to the standard eye cloth or drops used to treat amblyopia (lazy eye). In Tetris, one eye focuses on the different shapes and colors falling across the screen, while the other eye watches the shapes fall to the bottom. The eyes are working together rather than independently, making it a viable treatment for  patients with amblyopia

  3. 3D Gaming: It’s pretty normal for parents to think that 3D gaming could be bad for their children’s eyes, but some eye doctors have suggested that 3D gaming can actually serve as an early detector of vision problems in children. If a child experiences dizziness, fatigue, or discomfort while watching something in 3D, then the child should get a comprehensive eye exam by their eye doctor. 

It seems crazy to think that video games can actually be beneficial for your vision, but that’s exactly what recent studies are suggesting. Maybe it’s time to rethink your kid’s gaming restrictions!

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