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8 Foods for Healthy Eyes

August 25, 2015 | By Christine Culgin
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8 Foods for Healthy Eyes

Lots of things can affect the health of your eyes. Specifically the sun, strain, allergies, and more can lead to problems. Like most things in life, nutrition can help improve your overall health. Turns out eating better can be a quick fix for your eyes!

It’s easy to learn about the various superfoods for your eyes. No, you won’t be able to see through doors or acquire heat vision, but you will protect your eyes from dangerous elements and help them achieve their best acuity by consuming more of the following foods:

  1. Kale: Kale’s leafy greens contain special carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin that help protect against eye disease.

  2. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes have twice as much Vitamin A as carrots, which help to reduce the risk of eye infections.

  3. Yellow Peppers: Yellow peppers contain high amounts of zeaxanthin, which helps protect the eye from certain diseases like macular degeneration.

  4. Brussel Sprouts: Brussel sprouts have high levels of antioxidants and fiber that help to protect the eye from cataracts and diseases.

  5. Carrots: Much like sweet potatoes, carrots contain high levels of Vitamin A that can reduce the chances of eye infections.

  6. Oysters: Zinc in oysters helps create melanin, which gives your eye its natural color.

  7. Nuts: Eating nuts can help alleviate symptoms of dry eye because of the high amounts of Omega 3 in the nuts.

  8. Fish: Much like nuts, fish contains high amounts of Omega 3 and oils with fatty acids that can improve your vision.

A balanced diet is good for your overall health, but specific foods will also have an impact on your vision. In today’s society, it can be hard for everyone to get access to a balanced meal, but this list can help you target specific foods to help ensure your vision is at its best.

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