Have a concern about your eye health or need a prescription renewal? When visiting the eye doctor in person isn’t an option, we’ve got you covered. 


When should you book a consultation?

  • You need a prescription extension
  • You have a question about an existing prescription
  • You have a question or would like to speak with a doctor about an issue with your eyes

Book an appointment

Consult with our Doctors

If you have an eye health issue and don't want to visit an urgent care center right now, we don't blame you. You can have a face-to-face video appointment with one of our optometrists at a time that is convenient for you. It's even covered by your medical insurance as a doctor's office visit.

Renew or extend your Rx!

If you have a contact lens prescription that has recently expired or is expiring, we can evaluate your current lens fit on video and help with a renewal or extension. You'll take a brief visual acuity test before your consultation, and discuss the results with one of our doctors.

Have a consultation with or without insurance

Consultations are covered by your medical insurance as a doctor's office visit. If you have a question about what is covered by your specific insurance, contact us at info@2020onsite.com. No insurance? We have low out-of-pocket rates, too.

Ready to book?

Want to connect with one of our optometrists from your home? Fill out this form to book a 15 minute virtual consultations with our doctors.