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A Top-Notch Clinical Experience, All on Wheels

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See how we are able to support clinical trials with our state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment, highly trained, efficient, and friendly staff, and organized data systems. Schedule a tour to experience 20/20 Onsite for yourself.


"The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and the van was so clean! Very quick and COVID-friendly appointment!"

Christina, May 2021

"I was pleasantly surprised with all the high-tech equipment onboard your mobile unit, and of course the doctor's knowledge and professional experience!"

Dean, May 2021

"The accessibility and convenience of the mobile center without sacrificing the quality of care."

Alan, April 2021

About 20/20 Onsite

The leader in clinical mobile vision assessments

Our expertise is backed by seven years of experience in routine optometry where we have served over 70,000 patients and over 450 corporate clients and maintained a 98% Net Promoter Score - it's even higher for Life Sciences than for Routine. 20/20 Onsite has completed almost 200 assessments in 28 states in 5 trials across 4 indications in the phase 1–4 setting.