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Streamlining Phase 1 Trials with the Mobile Vision Pod


Company Z, a CRO specializing in early-phase drug development, encountered challenges during a Phase 1 study for a corneal disease treatment. The study required eye assessments at specific time points, but low patient volume and scheduling constraints made it difficult to engage local ophthalmologists. Additionally, the clinic lacked space for onsite eye assessments.


To combat the challenges faced by Company Z during their Phase 1 study, 20/20 Onsite provided a solution with their Mobile Vision Pod (MVP), a customizable exam room equipped with advanced equipment and staffed by experienced professionals. This point of need solution facilitated patient recruitment and retention, addressed space constraints, ensured data integrity through a controlled environment, and improved protocol efficiency through collaboration and optimized workflows.

mobile vision pod



To ensure the integrity of the data collected, all eye exams had to take place from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. These controlled assessment conditions and rigorous protocols ensured high-quality data for analysis and was essential to the trial’s success.


The onsite MVP facilitated a seamless patient experience and efficient data collection. Our teams worked closely together, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.


The study successfully screened 38 patients in 5 cohorts during the 5 months of onsite assessments.

Patients Screend
In 5 Cohorts
Months On-site Assessments


20/20 Onsite’s innovative approach to clinical research was essential to the success of this Phase 1 clinical trial. Our one-of-a-kind MVP delivery method acted as an extension of the existing Company Z clinic. We expanded the clinic’s footprint, providing a five-star clinic experience in a flexible, point-of-need space while eliminating resource burdens. Despite limited space and a challenging timeline, our commitment to creative solutions resulted in a successful, efficient clinical trial with top-notch care.

20/20 Onsite continues to innovate and expand its point-of-need care solutions, supporting sponsors and CROs in conducting efficient and successful clinical trials across various therapeutic areas. Schedule a consultation and explore how our point-of-need solutions can support your clinical research.

"The level of care that 20/20 Onsite provides to patients is outstanding in every way. The staff is professional, kind, and compassionate, and they are well-trained to handle any challenge that comes their way. I believe that mobile care is the cutting-edge of optometry, and I am honored to be a part of it."

Dr. Keswani
-Dr. Keswani, OD

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