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Vision for the Future: Key Takeaways from ARVO and OIS 2024

By 20/20 Onsite
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What happens when nearly 800 people step aboard a full-service eye clinic on wheels? Industry-changing conversations and innovative ideas converge, all centered around integrating point-of-need care in clinical settings.

This is precisely what 20/20 Onsite’s Life Sciences team experienced at the 2024 ARVO (The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) annual meeting in Seattle, Washington earlier this month. As premier gatherings for global leaders in vision science, ARVO and its partner conference OIS both underscore the urgent need for innovative eye care solutions and collaboration to drive success in clinical trials and patient care.

“The feedback aboard the Mobile Vision Clinic was overwhelmingly positive,” shared Ivan Quiroz, VP of Clinic Operations. “Attendees were amazed by the potential to bring this service to patients, populations, communities, and hospitals directly.”

During the action-packed days in Seattle, 20/20 Onsite contributed to vital discussions on delivering eye assessments directly to patients and enhancing operational efficiencies. Below are the team’s major takeaways:

The Growing Demand for Mobile Eye Care

The demand for mobile ophthalmic care is rapidly increasing worldwide. Institutions are keen to explore innovative methods to provide eye care and conduct assessments beyond traditional settings.

“It was fascinating to learn how many people had previously experienced some form of mobile eye care,” Jessica McKenzie Mays, VP of Life Sciences, reflected. “Many institutions have attempted something similar to our approach, highlighting a significant demand and potential in this area.”

Despite their efforts, even successful organizations face operational challenges, such as limited access to essential equipment or logistical support to maintain consistency in studies. “This is where 20/20 Onsite stands out. We offer a unique solution by providing consistent staff, equipment, and processes nationwide, rather than relying on one-off contracts,” McKenzie Mays added.

A Push for Sponsors to Meet Study Timelines

Investors and venture capitalists emphasized the importance of having strategies to meet enrollment timelines. “Investors told us they invest in companies that have a concrete strategy for meeting enrollment timelines,” McKenzie Mays noted. “It’s not about the cost of the strategy but its existence and likelihood of success.”

With 80% of US clinical trials failing to meet patient enrollment timelines, there is a significant opportunity for sponsors to accelerate timelines and improve patient enrollment plans with the right partners.

Mobile Opportunities for Population Health

The point-of-need approach also presents significant opportunities for population health and clinical research, particularly in vision screenings. “Many discussions focused on how our mobile approach could benefit rural communities lacking access to care,” stated Adam Merola, Director of Life Sciences.

By utilizing mobile clinics, research institutions can collect valuable data from hard-to-reach communities and enhance outreach programs aimed at preventing blindness.

In Summary

The ARVO and OIS annual meetings highlighted the need for innovative and collaborative approaches to enhance accessibility and efficiency in clinical trials. While the concept of mobile eye care is not new, 20/20 Onsite’s presence at the conferences sparked industry-transforming conversations about accelerating timelines and streamlining trials, marking the future of eye assessments.

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