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2020 On-site + Biopharma

Ready to bring 2020 On-site to your facility? Drop us a line using the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

We believe you deserve the most convenient health benefit services… and our mobile vision clinics are just that! 
This past year, we have expanded our wings to work with clinical trials on specialized testing and any new pharma regimen. Now more than ever, we appreciate and value the hard work and long hours you and your employees commit to your jobs. Show your employees that you recognize their efforts by providing them the most efficient eye exams on site. 
Do you work in Cambridge, MA? We'll be parked in Kendall Square on September 20th where you can tour our Mobile Vision Clinic and network with colleagues, all while enjoying a margarita! Register for the free event here
“It meets that need of one-stop-shopping. It’s clear that for those of us who schedule eye exams at regular optometry offices, the same tests can be performed right at work. It’s a big convenience. Insurance seems pretty seamless, there are no complications. It’s a nice advantage.” - Craig Welence, Associate Director of Health, Safety, Environment, and Business Continuity, Novartis
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More efficient use of employees' time with convenient, on-site eye exams



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Improved employee productivity and vision with our wide selection of glasses and contacts



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Flexible scheduling to accommodate shift workers with early and late appointments outside the typical 9am-5pm work schedule


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Safety regulation compliance with our protective eyewear selection and convenient vision check-ups
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