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SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit 2022: 20/20 Onsite’s Recap

November 30, 2022 | By 20/20 Onsite
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This October, several members of our Life Sciences team had the opportunity to attend the 2022 SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit as an Alliance Sponsor. The Summit is committed to being known as “the site’s meeting,” the ideal location for members of the clinical trial space to share their latest ideas. This year’s engaging symposium provided a unique hub for our team to network, learn, and collaborate with many other sites, sponsors, CROs, and regulators in attendance. 

The 20/20 Onsite attendees – VP of Life Sciences Jess Mays, Chief Clinical Officer Dr. David Gibson, VP of Clinic Operations Ivan Quiroz, Senior Manager of Clinical Program Operations Adam Merola, and Senior Manager of Fleet Operations Albi Santiago – recall this unique and educational experience and how it impacts the way they work with clinical researchers and sites. 

Learn from our team as they each discuss their takeaways from the summit and what they are looking forward to at next year’s event. 

How would you describe your experience at the conference? 

Jess Mays

“SCRS is always a wonderful conference. It’s a community of people passionate about patients and the care that they give. There are always fantastic sessions with really applicable information for running a study site or clinical trial. It’s also a great opportunity for sites, sponsors, and vendors to all come together."

Albi Santiago

“It was informative, fun, and exciting to see so many like-minded professionals together.“

Ivan Quiroz

“The conference was overwhelmingly great. It was such a large event with great opportunities to network.”

Adam Merola

“SCRS was an amazing experience. It was great to see familiar faces and make lots of new connections.”


Picture from the 2022 SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit.

What is something new or innovative that you learned?

Jess Mays

"I attended a lot of the budgeting sessions, and I have to say there is still a long way to go with this particular part of the trial. Learning how many sites still operate close to break-even, paired with how longer or milestone-based payment schedules can delay revenue, opened my eyes to why it might be hard to get a site that has the ability and all the right patients to participate in a study."

Albi Santiago

"The mobile apps that support clinical trials were impressive."

Ivan Quiroz

“I gained knowledge of other mobile companies in the space who are also working on changing DCT.”

Dr. David Gibson

I learned there are many ways sites can struggle to get paid in a timely manner.”

Adam Merola

"Professionals within the industry are opening their minds to new and innovative ways to overcome certain challenges. In some cases, this might be the use of a hybrid model, mobile app or even going to a participant's home to provide care."

What’s one takeaway, trend, or statistic that surprised you?

Jess Mays

"I was surprised by how decentralized trial-adverse a lot of sites are."

Albi Santiago

"There is a high percentage of sites and projects that were in a delay of getting paid."

Ivan Quiroz

“I was shocked to learn the amount of patient fall-off there is based on old systems and ways that are inconvenient for patients.”

Dr. David Gibson

“I was surprised by the struggles most people with rare disease face within the medical community.

Adam Merola

"Decentralized studies are still a major opportunity in the industry."

What are you looking forward to the most for next year’s conference?

Jess Mays

"This year it was so fun to come back together and realize the work we had accomplished with our partners since the last conference. I’m looking forward to the same next year!"

Albi Santiago

"Being able to connect with people that we met this year and the possibility of having one of our Life Sciences units there.

Ivan Quiroz

“Seeing the growth, alignment, and partnerships that came from the 2022 SCRS conference.”

Adam Merola

"I can’t wait to reconnect and hear about everyone’s progress in the last year.."


20/20 Onsite is driving innovation in clinical trials. 

Did we miss you at this year's SCRS Global Site Solution Summit? Let’s connect! If you were in attendance, set up a meeting with Jess Mays; she’d love to hear your takeaways from the event and learn what strategies your company is prioritizing as we enter 2023. 

We’re also planning ahead for conferences next year, including the 2023 SCRS Global Sites Solutions Summit as a Performance Sponsor. Reach out to us now to coordinate conference schedules and to set up a meeting with our Life Sciences team in Hollywood, Florida next October.


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