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8 Things Providers Can Do to be More Inclusive

April 21, 2021 | By 20/20 Onsite
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As a provider, you have a large impact on the patient’s overall health visit. How inclusive are your office and your staff to patient needs? Having a system in place from the start is critical to ensure your team is prepared for the diverse needs of your patients and their families. Below are eight ways you can create a more inclusive visit: 

Hire a diverse staff. 

Leverage diverse team members including doctors, front desk staff, and technicians who can offer different perspectives on patient care. It’s also important to have staff from the community who understand the local culture you are serving and can offer insights on how to build positive, long-term relationships with the community. 

Build marketing materials that reflect the community that is being served.

Local cultures should be reflected in materials such as brochures and registration pages. Be sure to review these materials with a community member to ensure the right message is being conveyed and cultural nuances are addressed. 

Provide flexible scheduling. 

Offer appointment options on nights and weekends to cater to those who cannot take time off of work or cannot find childcare during the day. Telemedicine is another great option to offer patients with busy schedules. 2020 On-site offers teleoptometry services for patients, which includes content lens renewals and urgent care triage. 

Make registration accessible to all. 

Optimize the online appointment booking experience for patients located in areas with high internet use and prepare your staff for patients whose primary mode of communication is face-to-face. Leveraging written, printed, or visual materials will also provide more ways to get the message across that resonates with patients. Additionally, implementing quick medical translation services (such as mobile apps or Google Translate) can also be a helpful way to build connections with patients. 

Ask questions beforehand. 

During patient registration, inquire about any special accommodations that can make their visit easier and more enjoyable, such as accessibility, language services, and insurance options.

Lift geographic barriers of travel.  

Consider pop-up or mobile clinics in areas to expand outreach and be sure to carry the right equipment that can still provide equitable care — whether it’s in-home or at an office.  

With 2020 On-site, we bring eye care directly to the patient, eliminating the need for physical locations for healthcare visits or clinical research sites. Get in touch with us today to learn more. 

Build relationships based on empathy.

Learn more about the aspects of a patient’s life that have an impact on health outcomes including language, customs, education, employment, etc. Make modifications to overcome any barriers when it comes to treatment and management.

Create a space appropriate for people of all ages. 

Make your office comfortable and accommodating for patients by including things such as comfortable chairs, handrails in high-traffic areas, a nearby restroom, and toys or movies for children. Most importantly, a friendly and welcoming staff who greets patients and their families will provide comfort for all. 

Patient centricity is the key to equitable health care. Have questions about what you can do to provide a more inclusive experience for your health care patients or clinical trial patients? Contact us today at info@2020onsite.com to continue the conversation — we’re passionate about this topic! 


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