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Frequently Asked Questions

by patients

Frequently Asked Questions


There's a good chance you're new to mobile optometry, so we understand you might have questions! Below are the most frequent questions we hear. If the answer you're looking for isn't here, send a note to concierge@2020onsite.com and we'd be happy to help.

Be sure to check out our How it Works page for more info, as well as our blog which we're constantly updating with fresh topics around eyewear, eye health, corporate well-being, and much more!


How can I book an appointment

We strongly encourage using our online booking system, booking.2020onsite.com, to make an appointment. That is the easiest, most efficient way to book and will save you time on the day of your exam.

You can also email concierge@2020onsite.com to request an exam time, but it is difficult to schedule an appointment on your behalf without your personal and health information.


  1. Make sure your website browser is updated. Click here for instructions.
  2. Ensure that all of your information is complete and double-check for accuracy (Name, DOB, Insurance, Demographic Information, Medical History etc.).
  3. You can also click here to download and fill out paper copies of patient forms.

If problems still persist, contact us at concierge@2020onsite.com with a detailed description of the issue, your web browser information, and a screenshot of the problem, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Please go down to the mobile vision center when you can and we'll work to fit you in. We understand that things come up and are happy to work with your schedule as best we can. However, if you don’t show up at any point that day to try and reschedule, we’ll have to issue a $50 no-show fee.

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

Yes, absolutely. As a courtesy to our staff and your colleagues, if you need to cancel please do so at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. Same-day rescheduling will not elicit a charge, but same-day cancellations will.

You can reschedule/cancel using the link in your confirmation email, or by emailing concierge@2020onsite.com.

Do you take walk-ins?

We recommend booking an appointment to guarantee your spot, but we do take walk-ins when there is availability. If there are no slots left when you try to book, you can still head down to the mobile vision center and ask if there is room in the schedule to fit you in. If they can, they will!

How do I know if my appointment is confirmed?

When you book online, you will receive an email confirming the time and date of your appointment. If you do not receive that email, we recommend checking your spam folder.

If you and your colleagues are not receiving confirmation emails to your company email addresses, it is probably due to a firewall issue. If you suspect this is the case, please email us at concierge@2020onsite.com and we will work with your IT department to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Do you accept my insurance?

We are in-network with most major insurance providers, including, but not limited to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, Davis Vision, and Fallon.

If your plan is in-network, you will receive the same coverage you would at a brick-and-mortar location, paying the same relative copay (or lack thereof) according to your individual plan.

For questions about your insurance coverage, or for an individual eligibility check, please contact concierge@2020onsite.com.

What if my plan is out-of-network?

We have out-of-network reimbursement plans set in place for carriers not in our network; we do try to make it as easy for you as possible, regardless of your insurance. Please see the information from your HR team to know if your company plan is accepted, and feel free to contact us with additional questions.

With most out-of-network providers you will be reimbursed a portion of the $70 fee, and we will help with claims and paperwork to ensure you get your money back. Please contact us with additional questions about your insurance eligibility.

Can I still get an exam if I don't have insurance coverage?

Yes, you can still get an exam with us if you are not eligible through insurance or are out-of-network. With certain out-of-network plans, you may be able to use our Assignment of Benefits form (see question below), to minimize your out-of-pocket cost. Otherwise, you can always pay a flat, out-of-pocket fee of $70, which includes the full eye exam with complimentary HD retinal imaging. We accept payment via credit, debit, and FSA/FSA cards.

What is an assignment of benefits (AoB) form, and how does it work?

If you are out-of-network with specific insurance providers (contact us for more specifics) and we can obtain your company's insurance summary, you may be able to participate in an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) program. This effectively means that you will pay the difference between our total exam cost ($70) and the out-of-network reimbursement amount listed on your plan. Through AOB patients typically pay between $10-$25 at the time of their exam, similar to the copay they would pay at an in-network provider.

If we are unable to obtain your company's insurance summary, then unfortunately we cannot implement the AOB program, and you would self-pay the $70 exam cost. Afterward, 2020 will file the paperwork and submit for your reimbursement (amount listed as "out-of-network reimbursement" at the bottom of your plan summary) on your behalf. You will receive this reimbursement in the form of a check within 3-6 weeks following your exam.

If I have dependents on my health insurance plan, can they get an exam with 2020 too?

Yes, we welcome any dependents that are covered under your insurance plan. However, please note that we can only see children ages 13 and up. Simply sign them up for an appointment on the day we’re visiting your company.

How do I check my insurance eligibility?

We recommend that you check your eligibility before your exam, so that there are no surprises. Every insurance plan is different; some will cover an eye exam once a year, while others are every two years. Some will have a product allowance for eyewear, and copays vary by plan as well.

Your health insurance company likely has a member login on its website, as well as a phone number you can call to check your specific plan’s coverage. Please see our eligibility page for instructions based on your insurance provider and feel free to email concierge@2020onsite.com if you have additional questions about your coverage.

What do I need to bring to my exam?

  1. Your insurance card or information (if you didn’t have it available upon booking your appointment).
  2. A form of payment: credit, debit, HSA, or FSA card. Sorry, we don’t accept cash or checks.
  3. Any existing contact lenses or glasses that you wear.*

*If you are renewing your contacts, please bring both the box of your existing contacts as well as a pair of lenses to your exam. Our optometrist needs the details of your existing lenses to issue a prescription for new ones. If you don’t have the contact box, please bring the lens prescription, a printout of your most recent order, a receipt, an individual lens pod, or anything else the optometrist can use to identify your lenses.

Where will the Mobile Vision Center be located

We do our best to park the MVC as close to your office entrance as possible. Please look for specific details in the email from your HR department and location notes in your confirmation email. If you cannot find the details or would like more information, feel free to contact concierge@2020onsite.com.

Can I use my FSA/HSA card to make payments with 2020?

Yes, we accept payments via FSA/HSA cards (as well as dibit and credit) for co-pays and product purchases.

Do I need to wear my contacts to the exam?

If you wear contact lenses, you should bring a pair to your exam, but you don’t need to wear them. If you do choose to wear them, please note that we’ll ask you to remove them for initial pretesting. If you’re renewing your contact prescription, we’ll ask that you put in your lenses after the doctor has examined the surface of your eye to ensure they fit well.

I'm a little uncertain about a mobile optometry clinic. Is it nice? What is the setup?

Don’t worry, our mobile vision centers are modern, clean, and outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. When you step into the MVC, there will be a main room where patients:

  • check in and out with the store manager
  • browse our selection of 300+ frames (and use the mirrors to try them on!)
  • have a seat if they’re early or need to wait
  • undergo the pretesting with our technician (visual acuity, fundus camera, evaluation of eye curvature, eye pressure test)

Then there is a separate, private exam room where you will meet with our independent optometrist. The exam room has all the same top-notch equipment as you’d find at a traditional doctor’s office. Below is a sneak peak - please visit our MVC page for more details.

Do you dilate? Do I have to get dilated?

Each patient is offered the choice to have a dilated exam or not. A dilated exam is standard practice, as it allows for a full examination of your central and peripheral retina. Because of the drops used in the process, dilation may result in light sensitivity and/or impaired near vision afterwards that can last for 4-6 hours or longer, depending on your eyes. If you choose to forgo dilation, the other option is to examine your retina by capturing an HD retinal image of it. This does not require dilation and does not incur any extra charges. However, it allows for evaluation of the central retina only and does not detect any problems with the peripheral retina, such as a retinal tear.

There are a variety of reasons why the optometrist may strongly recommend dilation, but below are some general guidelines.

Patients with the following risk factors should consider undergoing a dilated eye exam:

  • High myopia (-6 or greater Rx)
  • History of retinal tear or detachment
  • New onset flashing lights, floaters or partial loss of vision
  • Recent history of trauma
  • Medical conditions such as diabetes
  • Any concerning pathology on fundus photos that requires further dilation

Please note: if you choose to be dilated, your exam time will be approximately 20 minutes longer than an exam without dilation, as it takes time for the dilating drops to set in.

Do you perform contact lens fittings?

First-time contact lens wearers are required to have consecutive appointments to ensure the correct fit and comfort of their contact lenses. These visits must be scheduled 4-7 days apart.

2020 On-site can accommodate first-time contact lens fittings when consecutive 2020 On-site visits have been scheduled at your company within this timeframe. If 2020 is not scheduled to return to accommodate this follow-up visit, we recommend seeing a local optometrist to avoid an incomplete evaluation.

This scenario does not apply to patients interested in a renewal of their current contact lens prescription. If you have questions, or would like help finding a local optometrist to accommodate your first-time fitting, please reach out to our Customer Care team at concierge@2020onsite.com or 627-356-8117, ext. 0.

What can I purchase on board?

We have a full retail optical shop on board!


You can order complete sets of contact lenses (one box through a complete year’s supply) directly after your appointment on board the mobile vision center, or by using our online portal. If you would like to order contact lenses after your initial visit, please click here to create a lens account and purchase your lenses.

Still have questions? Contact us at concierge@2020onsite.com with the brand, quantity of contact lenses you’d like to purchase, and whether or not you will be using insurance.

You may renew your prescription for an additional $39 - this fee is rebated if you purchase prescription glasses at the time of your appointment. If you are renewing, please bring a box of your existing contacts and a pair of lenses to your exam so the optometrist knows the details of your existing lenses and can see them on your eyes.

P.S. - Our contact lenses are priced, on average, $1 to $8 cheaper per box than 1-800-CONTACTS.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, please see the previous question for our contact fitting policy.

You can also purchase glasses on board. Each MVC is stocked with over 300 pairs of glasses (including sunglasses), ranging from affordable to high-end brand names. We take your measurements and fit your glasses to your face on the spot, and then ship them directly to your home or office (depending on your preference), so that you don’t have to make any extra trips.

If you’d like to order glasses after you leave the MVC, simply find a frame you like and have a 2020 team member record your measurements, the frame model number, and color. To get a sneak peek of what kinds of brands and pricing we offer, visit our frames page.

Safety glasses are also available upon request.


We can certainly accommodate that. We ask patients to fill out a Release of Health Information form if they would like to release their records to themselves or another doctor. You can choose to have these notes faxed, emailed, or snail-mailed.


If we detect something during your exam that requires follow-up from an ophthalmologist, we will refer you to one of our ophthalmic referral partners for additional care.


You can email concierge@2020onsite.com and we’d be happy to connect you with the optometrist you saw via email or phone.


Yes, you can certainly visit us again when we are at a location near your new office. Please contact concierge@2020onsite.com to find out when we'll be close by. Additionally, we’d be happy to send you some information you can share with your current HR department so that your company can bring us in.

How do I get my prescription?

We will email you your prescription following your exam, by the end of that business day. If you don’t see it, first be sure to check your spam folder, and then contact us and we'll get it to you as soon as possible.

How do I read my prescription?

For glasses:
You will see numbers listed under OD and OS. These are shorthand for right and left from latin; OD (oculus dexter), meaning right, and OS (ocular sinister), meaning left.

The first three numbers listed under sphere, cylinder, and axis determine your distance prescription. A plus sign in the sphere column means that you are farsighted (you have trouble seeing things up close), and a minus sign means that you are nearsighted (you have trouble seeing things at a distance).

The next two boxes, cylinder and axis, correct for any amount of astigmatism in your prescription. If you have a number in the "Add" portion of the prescription, this means you need extra strength in your glasses for reading. The Add number can be added to the sphere number to determine your best reading prescription.

For contacts:
A contact lens prescription specifies not only the strength of the lens, but also the size, shape, and type of contact lens necessary to fit your eye. Your eye doctor will have to evaluate the contact lenses on your eyes and check your vision before a prescription can be written.

Many times patients have a slight astigmatism in their glasses prescription that is not corrected for in their contact lens prescription. Your optometrist may have to do a quick calculation to determine the best contact lens for you based off your glasses prescription, making the numbers slightly different. Also, spectacle prescriptions over -4.00 or +4.00 need to be adjusted when fitting a contact lens. For instance, the effective power of a -4.25 pair of glasses that sits in front of the eye is the same as a -4.00 contact lens.

What if I think my prescription is wrong?

Oftentimes new glasses wearers, those with significant astigmatisms, and/or people with a large change in prescription can experience discomfort when adjusting to new glasses. First, we recommend that you wear your glasses for 7-10 days, with 4-6 hours of consecutive wear daily to give your eyes a chance to adapt.

If you’ve worn your glasses for an extended period of time and are convinced that your discomfort is due to an error, please email us at concierge@2020onsite.com right away and we will work with you to solve the problem.

How can I access my receipt?

If you make a product purchase with us, we will email you a copy of your receipt by close of business on the day of that purchase. If you haven’t received your receipt by the next day, please first check your spam folder and then email us at concierge@2020onsite.com and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

Can I track my order?

Currently, we do not make tracking numbers available for orders. If there is an issue with your order we will let you know ASAP. If you feel that your order has been delayed or is late arriving, please contact us and we'd be happy to track it down for you.

Please note:
Contact lenses should arrive within 3-5 business days and glasses should arrive between 7-10 business days.


First, check with your HR department to see if 2020 is coming back to your company soon. If so, we’d be happy to adjust them for you upon our next visit at no charge.

Otherwise, you can take them to a brick-and-mortar shop for a readjustment. Most shops will not charge you, but in the event that they do, we will reimburse you up to $50.


We want you to be totally happy with your new glasses or prescription sunglasses. 

If you've had a change in prescription or are wearing glasses for the first time, you may just be adjusting to the change.  We're happy to coach you through the adjustment with tips on how to ease into new lenses.

If you aren't totally happy with your purchase and the glasses or sunglasses are still in original condition, we'll gladly refund or replace them within 30 days.  Unfortunately, this guarantee does not cover accidental damage.


If your glasses broke due to a manufacturer defect, a one-year warranty may apply and a replacement frame may be available.

Please note: Manufacturer warranties do not apply to accidental damage or neglect (i.e., "I stepped on my glasses"); only issues caused by a defective frame are covered.

If you think you’re eligible for a warranty replacement, please send a picture of the information on the inside of the glasses (for example, the model # or name of the frame plus sizing - “53-17-145”) to concierge@2020onsite.com. A picture of the damage is also helpful if possible.