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Report Card:
TechBoston Academy

A Boston Public High School that brings on-site vision care to its students via a partnership with 2020 On-site.

Company Name

Company's Relationship with 2020

"2020 has been such a welcomed asset to our TBA community. Our students are so happy when they get their glasses. The convenience and the pleasant staff make it so worthwhile."

Mary Rowan, RN
TechBoston Academy School Nurse

Name: TechBoston Academy

Grades: 6-12

Location Boston, MA

Student Population: 1,015


The Challenge

TechBoston Academy is a combined public middle/high school in the Boston Public Schools system with a curriculum that emphasizes the use of technology to further learning and understanding. Founded in 2002, TechBoston Academy has seen a much larger percentage of students go on to college, as compared to other BPS schools. The school is focused on allowing children to excel, and they realize that vision plays an important role in that success. Many students, upon entering TechBoston Academy, are behind by one or more grades and the school does its best to catch them up. However this problem is only worsened by the fact that many students don’t have access to quality eye care, as a majority come from low-income and/or immigrant families. Since 2020 On-site partners with the Boston Public Schools, TechBoston Academy was able to bring on-site vision care to their students right at school.

The Solution

TechBoston Academy had their first visit with 2020 in March of 2015. With 25 patients seen, 16 pairs of glasses dispensed, and two students referred out to an ophthalmologist, the visit proved successful. Students, parents, teachers and nurses appreciated how pleasant the staff was and the high quality of the service. Since then, 2020 has been back to TechBoston Academy five additional times, and the two parties will certainly continue their partnership in the coming years.

The Results

  • # of visits: 6
  • # of students seen: 189
  • # of glasses dispensed: 84
  • # of glasses donated: about 25
During 2020’s visit in January of 2017, 28 students were given eye exams and 16 pairs of glasses were dispensed. Of the 16 students that received glasses, seven had previously failed vision screenings two years in a row but had not received follow-up care, and three had no history of vision screenings. The six remaining students had passed their most recent vision screening, but still needed glasses, highlighting the importance of comprehensive medical eye exams, as screenings don’t detect everything.