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Ovia Health

A fellow health and wellness service and one of 2020's Boston clients.

Company Name

Company's Relationship with 2020

"For Ovia Health, choosing 2020 On-site was a no brainer. It was a seamless experience for both our employees and HR manager, and we were thrilled to be able to provide this innovative service to our team. Everyone raved about the quality of care, beautiful truck, and friendly staff. It was rewarding for us to see our team receive such helpful (and fun!) eye care."

Gina Nebesar, Chief Product Officer, Ovia Health

Name: Ovia Health

Industry: Healthcare Technology

Location/s: Boston, MA

Employee Size: 50

Insurance: BCBSMA & Vision Service Plan (VSP)


The Challenge

Ovia Health (formerly Ovuline) is the leading digital health platform for women and families. Trusted and loved by millions, Ovia Health’s mobile apps for fertility, pregnancy, and parenting empower people to take control of their healthcare and start families with confidence. Beyond making consumer apps, Ovia Health has a maternity and family benefits platform for employers and insurers that helps support women and parents in the workplace. Located in downtown Boston, MA, the team has built a corporate culture passionate about women’s and family health. Despite Ovia Health’s success, the company struggles with bringing on powerful benefits for their employees due to their small size. When given the opportunity to have 2020 On-site service their employees, they jumped at the chance, and were pleasantly surprised.

The Solution

2020 first visited Ovia Health in August of 2016. Being a Friday during the summer (which tend to be slower), neither party was sure about what kind of turnout the visit would yield. However with 22 patients seen from (at the time) a 36 employee company, it was clear that there was some real excitement about on-site vision care among employees. In addition to participation, Ovia Health was particularly impressed with 2020 On-site’s ability to obtain a parking permit for their busy downtown location, and the overall ease of executing the service. The company is looking forward to bringing on 2020 again next year.

The Results

  • 1 visit, with more to come 
  • 22 exams given, which equates to over 60% of Ovia Health’s population 
  • 100% of patients received a new prescription 
  • 15% of patients had not had an eye exam in 2-5 years, 15% of patients had not had an one in 5-10 years, 8% had not had an eye exam in 10+ years, and 8% had never had an eye exam 
  • 3 pairs of glasses sold (14% of patients purchased) 
  • 4 sets of contact lenses sold (18% of patients purchased)