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Ocean Spray

A 2020 Boston-area client since 2015.

Company Name

Company's Relationship with 2020

"Our partnership with the 2020 team has been nothing short of amazing. It was clear from the get-go that they take pride in consistently delivering a remarkable service to their clients as their passion for health and wellbeing is evident. From our initial discussion about bringing this service to Ocean Spray, to the execution of the event, to the follow-up call, the 2020 team has been able to share their knowledge & confidently answer any questions that we had regarding the entire process from start to finish."

Keri Abramowicz, Benefits Administrator, Ocean Spray

Name: Ocean Spray

Industry: Food / Consumer Packaged Goods

Location/s: Lakeville, MA

Employee Size: 525

Insurance: BCBS & Vision Service Plan (VSP)


The Challenge

Massachusetts-based Ocean Spray has been one of the largest growers and distributors of cranberries and grapefruit for almost a century now. Externally, the company is known for their juices and other products, but internally they’re known for promoting a culture of health and work-life balance. Having been named an American Heart Association Fit Friendly employer for four years in a row, Ocean Spray employees are offered a range of healthy perks. These include an on-site fitness center and basketball court, exercise classes, Weight Watchers reimbursements, massage therapy, and seamstress services. To be closer to its proprietary cranberry bogs, Ocean Spray’s headquarters is located about an hour outside of Boston. As such, they are proponents of on-site services. There aren’t many doctors offices nearby, but they still want their employees to be able to take care of their health conveniently. In addition to their strong, positive corporate culture, convenience in a relatively rural area made 2020 On-site a no brainer for Ocean Spray.

The Solution

Ocean Spray had their first pilot visit from 2020 in July of 2015, and has since had six additional visits. With a sold-out first visit, it was evident that there was a demand for on-site vision care among their population. The Ocean Spray HR department was particularly impressed with 2020’s knowledge and ability to execute a smooth visit, from choice of date, to marketing materials, to day-of in-person service. 2020 has seen almost 200 Ocean Spray employees thus far, with various “repeat” patients, allowing for continuity of care, something very important to both parties. Ocean Spray looks forward to continued partnership in the coming years.

The Results

  • 7 visits over a year and a half span
  • 192 exams given, saving the company, at a minimum, 192 hours of productivity
  • 35 pairs of glasses purchased - drop-shipped to the patient’s home or office
  • Over 90% of patients received an new prescription, meaning they had been operating with sub-optimal vision
  • With 15% of patients having received an eye exam in the last 1-2 years and almost 10 repeat patients, 2020 On-site ensured continuity of care for many
  • However, we saw a handful of Ocean Spray employees who had not had an eye exam in over 10 years, if ever at all, allowing those patients to catch conditions of which they may not have been aware