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Company Name

Company's Relationship with 2020

"The problem is that in today’s world, no one will take time off to take care of their health - so they end up putting off their own needs. 2020 gave our employees a way to take care of a critical aspect of their wellness, their vision, in a very convenient way that only took them away from their desk for about 15 minutes. I’ve been very happy to include 2020 as part of our on-going efforts to keep wellness a priority at Pega."

Crystal N. McDermott, Benefits Manager, Pegasystems

Name: Pegasystems

Industry: Tech

Location/s: Cambridge, MA

Employee Size: 3,500 worldwide

Insurance: Cigna & VSP


The Challenge

Pegasystems is a software company headquartered in Cambridge, MA whose industryleading solutions help the world’s largest enterprises build applications engineered for evolution. Every corporate culture is different, but Pega is lucky in that wellness is a core part of their culture. Their wellness program, PegaUP!, is tremendously successful; last year over 50% of their 1400 US employees participated. Pega uses a point system where employees earn points every time they participate in a wellness activity or program – points that can lead to bonuses of $500 or $700. One of the keys to their success has been their willingness to push the envelope a bit, and try new programs. With this in mind, Pega was looking for new ways to engage employees in wellness activities that were easy for them to access and showed a positive impact on their health.


The Solution

Pega booked their first visit with 2020 in 2014 and was interested to see what level of employee interest they’d get. Within 8 minutes of sending out the invite to employees, the first visit was booked solid. “Honestly I thought the site was broken, but it wasn’t,” said Crystal N. McDermott, Benefits Manager at Pega. “The speed with which our employees signed up alone showed that there is an obvious value in this service.” Crystal and the Pega team were also ecstatic that 2020 handles all the parking permits, materials, and claims processing and paperwork, making the program completely turnkey for her. Because of the success of this first visit, Pega has now had 6 additional visits, with dates booked into next year already.


The Results

  • 7 visits across two different company locations.
  • 154 patients seen.
  • 460+ hours of productivity saved (from the time it would’ve taken these employees to go to outside eye doctors).
  • 86% of employees seen got new prescriptions which means they had been working with vision that may have been affecting their productivity.
  • 15% purchased new glasses or contacts directly from the 2020 mobile vision center, which were drop-shipped directly to their homes.
  • Half the patients didn’t report having any previous eye care. Of the half that reported they’ve had eye care, 1 in 10 of them hadn’t seen an eye doctor in over 2 years.

In addition to making her employees happy and healthy, Crystal received recognition from the VP of HR for her work with 2020 that was shared with the leadership team, including the CEO of Pega.