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Struggling With Recruitment or Retention?

Looking to meet your enrollment goals? Unsure if you'll be able to retain all patients for the duration of the study? Download the whitepaper to learn how.


Download the Whitepaper

In this whitepaper you'll learn:

  • how to address the obstacles in traditional clinical trials
  • how to reduce the barriers to participation and diversity
  • how decentralization can boost retention
  • how to choose the right decentralized study partner.
Download the whitepaper now

Meet your trial goals at every step:

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Accelerate enrollment by easing the travel burden on participants. Be confident in the data collected.

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Remove barriers to ongoing study participation and decrease the risk of losing enrolled patients. Make exams more convenient by providing an opportunity for patients to receive 1:1 exams at their homes.

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Make clinical trials geographically accessible to all. Reach diverse communities.

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Patient experience

Become a leader in Patient Experience with 98% NPS.

Hybrid clinical trials and mobile clinics can accelerate
patient enrollment and screening, and boost retention.