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How 20/20 Onsite Supports Phase 1-4 Trials

First: Choose Our Service Engagement

Which of the below matches where your trial needs support?


I need support for my existing sites

Our team is on the delegation of authority and we appear on Form 1572 as a vendor. We increase capacity, decrease administrative burden, and handle the scheduling of patients for sites.


I need an additional site or Principal Investigator

One of our staff becomes a PI on your study and our clinic is the site. We conduct assessments and enter information into the EDC just as your other sites do.


I need traditional optometry exams

Our team of ODs and staff provide routine eye exams to patients as part of your safety monitoring or follow-up care programs. These can be part of the study or outside of it.

Second: Identify Where Your Need Is

Using the below graphic, identify which part or parts of your trial are most at risk.


Third: Select a Delivery Method

Where should patients receive their exams?


I want to provide exams right at the patient's doorstep

I'd like 2020 On-site to save the patient any additional travel by providing 1:1 exams at the most convenient location - their own home.


I want to provide exams at locations convenient to one or more patients

I want 2020 On-site to choose locations that can serve several patients at one time, decreasing the amount of time each patient spends on travel.


I want to provide exams in collaboration with the site

I want 2020 On-site to park directly at the site to expand capacity or provide exams when a patient is already at the site, making the most of their travel to the site.

Fourth: Specify Exam and Staffing Needs

Review the protocol or study proposal to understand exactly what examinations are required.

97% NPS (1)
Depending on your study's needs, 2020 On-site can provide certified optometrists, eye care specialists, and customer service professionals to manage your data collection and patient interaction. Patients love us — we have a 97% Net Promoter Score. And when your trial is easy and more enjoyable, you reduce the risk of drop-out and increase engagement — and become a leader in patient experience.


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