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How it Works for Patients

2020 On-site is revolutionizing the way vision care is delivered. No more lengthy waits in waiting rooms, traffic-ridden drives to appointments, or exams at old fashioned store-fronts. We come to you to deliver the most enjoyable, efficient healthcare experience you've ever had.


Three Ways to Make an Appointment:

  1. If your company is already a client, keep an eye out for an email from your HR department, flyers around the office, or a posting on the company intranet with info around our visit. You can then use our online booking system to make an appointment.
  2. Let us know you want an appointment, and we'll find one near you.
    Request an Appointment
  3. Email your HR/Benefits Manager, CC us, and tell them you want an eye exam at your company.
    Send an Email

5 Ways That 2020 On-site Will Change the Way You See Vision Care


1. For once, you'll actually look forward to a doctor's visit

97% of our patients would recommend us. Not many (if any) healthcare services can say that. But don't take our word for it, see what they have to say.  Here's just one story:
"It was efficient, thorough, fast, very professional and very high-tech. The people couldn't have been nicer and patiently and articulately answered my numerous questions. They can provide an exam with or without dilation, and either way they will also take a digital image of your retina. I give them 2 thumbs up!"
-Melissa, Patient (age 56, Librarian)

2. You'll be treated with high-end equipment at a lower cost

2020 On-site's Mobile Vision Centers are equipped with all the latest technology in optometry, as well as stylish eyewear options from a variety of brands. We have WiFi on board, and all the same machinery you'd see in a standard optometry office. But even better, our HD retinal imaging equipment allows you to forgo dilation if you choose, and you'll get to see a photo of the back of your eye! We don't even charge extra for it ($40-$80 value).


3. You'll love our doctors

Our Optometrists are experienced, and the best in their field. They joined 2020 On-site because they see it as the future of both vision and healthcare. 
Meet Our OD's

4. You can be in and out in 15 minutes

If you choose to opt out of dilation (totally up to you), our complimentary HD retinal imaging will allow the doctor to do a thorough examination of your eye without the added time and hassle (blurred vision for hours) of dilation drops. We are all about efficiency and know you need to get back to work, so we typically have patients in and out in about 15 minutes. But don't worry, you won't be rushed!

5. You'll be covered by insurance

2020 On-site's service runs through insurance, so your out-of-pocket cost is typically the same as you'd pay at a traditional optometrist's office. We're in-network with most major insurance plans, and we have a Copay Match Program for those carriers that are out of our network, so you'll still pay the same exam copay. Over 99% of plans reviewed are either already in-network or qualify for our Copay Match Guarantee. We also accept FSA and HSA cards for product purchases. If you have other questions, click below or contact us at info@2020onsite.com.

Patient FAQ

Questions about the exam, insurance, making appointments, etc.?

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