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Meet the 2020 On-site Team

Meet some of the people who help keep our wheels turning (literally and figuratively).

Our Optometrists

David Gibson

David Gibson OD

Chief Medical Officer and Doctor of Optometry, Atlanta

Dr. Gibson is a native of North Carolina, a graduate of Southern College of Optometry in Memphis and has been practicing for over twenty years. For nearly fifteen years, he ran a successful practice in Cary, North Carolina but in 2016, he transitioned from the traditional brick-and-mortar model into the startup world of mobile Optometry. Dr. Gibson established 2020 On-site’s operations in Atlanta in 2016, and was promoted to Chief Medical Officer in 2018. In addition to his responsibilities of CMO, Dr. Gibson still sees patients in Atlanta and is instrumental in ensuring that all patients receive quality eye exams and an outstanding customer experience.

Favorite vacation destinations: Hawaii in Winter, Scotland in Summer

Kalah Burchfield

Kalah Burchfield OD

Doctor of Optometry, Boston

Dr. Burchfield is originally from east Tennessee. She graduated with a B.S. from Tennessee Tech University and a Doctorate from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. She began her career in a private practice in Tennessee before relocating to the Boston area. Dr. Burchfield enjoys spending free time with her energetic puppy and traveling.

"I love that 2020 On-site makes eye care as convenient as possible. We get to provide comprehensive eye care to patients, and they get the opportunity to keep their eye health a top priority without ever leaving their office." 

John Oplawski

John Oplawski OD

Doctor of Optometry, Chicago

Dr. O has spent over 25 years treating patients with diverse eye issues. Seeing a patient’s reaction when properly fitted with corrective eyewear continues to inspire him.  Heading up the 2020 On-site Chicago team, where he grew up, attended DePaul University and the Illinois College of Optometry, is rewarding. Dr. O is an avid sports fan of Chicago’s championship sports teams and believes a new adventure awaits just around the corner for everyone in this great City.   

“If seeing is believing, are you ready to believe? I can help.”

Jonathan Pena

Jonathan Pena OD

Doctor of Optometry, Boston

Originally hailing from southeast Wisconsin, Dr. Pena relocated to Massachusetts to attend the New England College of Optometry, right here in Boston. Soon after receiving his Doctorate of Optometry, he began his optometric career providing eye care at a private practice in Cambridge. Then, in 2017, Dr. Pena joined 2020 On-site with a mission to advance eye care accessibility and patient care throughout the state. He graduated from Marquette University with a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences in 2008. Dr. Pena is a major sports fanatic and loves his Green Bay Packers almost as much as his two children.

"Since joining 2020 On-site, I have had the opportunity to see patients all over Massachusetts; patients who may not have had an examination in 10+ years. Coming from a private practice where patient retention was a point of emphasis, 2020 On-site has made it accessible and as easy as possible for patients to have eye exams every 1-2 years, as recommended. 2020 On-site has allowed me to See All Patients of MA Differently"

Alina Reznik

Alina Reznik OD, FAAO

Doctor of Optometry, Boston

Dr. Reznik has been providing revolutionizing eye care with 2020 On-site in Massachusetts since 2017. She graduated with a B.A. from Temple University and received her Doctorate from the New England College of Optometry. Following graduation, Dr. Reznik completed a residency in ocular disease and primary care at Lynn Community Health Center and became a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.

“Like many other patients, I usually don’t enjoy going to medical appointments. With 2020 On-site, I am equipped with the right people and modern tools to provide my patients with an efficient, comprehensive, and enjoyable eye care experience.”

Debi Sarma

Debi Sarma OD

Doctor of Optometry, Boston

Dr. Debi Sarma is a residency trained community health optometrist.  She has built a career around vision health education, and is passionate about improving access to vision care for those in need. Dr. Sarma has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo, as well as a Doctorate degree from the New England College of Optometry. She is a seasoned lecturer on disease topics and loves connecting with people to talk about innovation, culture, and leadership in healthcare. 

"Improving access to care, especially to under-served communities in need, is a deeply rooted passion of mine. What drew me to 2020 On-site was the commitment we have made to Boston Public Schools. When kids see better, they perform better in school and have a stronger opportunity to succeed. It is my hope that these visits help improve the quality of life of the children we see, and also serve as an opportunity for young minds to connect with positive role models in the healthcare field so that they can see differently, and think bigger about their future dreams and aspirations."

Plans and Pricing

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